Cost should never be a barrier to saving a cat’s life. At the Becky Robinson Alley Cat Allies Veterinary Hospital, we make sure it isn’t.

The most challenging emergency surgeries. Spay and neuterincluding Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Cutting-edge therapiesfrom laser treatment to acupuncture. All at low cost. These are the incredible services provided for animals at the new Becky Robinson Alley Cat Allies Veterinary Hospital in  St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana!

The Hospital, named in honor of Alley Cat Allies’ President and Founder Becky Robinson and operated by our friends at Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP Foundation, represents our commitment to long-term change for Louisiana’s animals visible to caregivers and the public as brick and mortar. For many in the Louisiana area, veterinary care for animals can be hard to come by at an accessible price. Through funding from Alley Cat Allies, the Hospital is filling that gap in services, treating cats from 20 different parishes, and saving dozens of lives every day.


Dozens of cats and kittens enter these doors each and every day to receive high-quality, lifesaving care.

“Why should any animal not have access to a high level of care just because their owner or caregiver doesn’t have a lot of resources?” says Dr. Catherine Wilbert, co-founder and CEO of Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP Foundation. “At the Hospital, thanks to incredible support from Becky and Alley Cat Allies, we work with people to negotiate a price; we do anything and everything we can. The animals deserve no less.”

Take a look within the Becky Robinson Alley Cat Allies Hospital and meet just some of the many cats and kittens it has treated, cared for, and saved.


Named after a tire brand (he and his feline family live behind a tire store!), Pirelli was brought to the Hospital as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) effort. But as you can see, Pirelli was so socialized that he easily found an adoptive home to call his own! Others in his feline family were returned to their outdoor home.


Cost should never be a barrier to a cat getting the vital treatment they need. Since receiving surgery and dedicated care including laser therapy to treat her spina bifida, at the Hospital, Indah has regained so much mobility in her once nearly


Tiny tortie Fern came to be spayed and vaccinatedbut during her exam, Dr. Wilbert found Fern’s jaw was cracked. As with any emergency case like this, Hospital staff rushed Fern into surgeryand it went swimmingly! Today, Fern is all better and living the good life in her forever home.


Underweight and with a host of medical issues, Yamato needed a lot of TLC at the Hospital to get him back on his feet. He got that and then somehis adopter discovered him through photos online and instantly fell in love!

Pictured here is Yamato back at the Hospital for a checkup, looking extra handsome after gaining a bunch of needed weight.


Smoosh not only got a veterinary workup and neuter at the Hospitalhe also found his new mom! Veterinary technician Venesia, pictured here holding Smoosh, fell in love with the little tuxedo kitten as she treated him. It’s not surprisingafter all, Smoosh is named after his affectionate tendency to “smoosh” his face into yours!