Every year, thousands of employees nationwide are given the opportunity to donate a portion of their paycheck to a charity of their choice. Workplaces make it easy by coordinating the donationseither one-time gifts or regular payroll deductions.

The donations Alley Cat Allies receives from workplace contributions make a monumental difference. Your gift will be used to help us save cats’ lives and stand up to those who try to impede all the progress we have made.

If you’re a federal or state government employee, in the military, participate in a United Way campaign, or work for a company that conducts a giving campaign, please consider designating Alley Cat Allies to receive your workplace contributions to support our lifesaving work.

Ways to Donate

Matching Gifts

Many employers will even match donationsdoubling or even tripling your gift for catsmade by their employees to support an organization of the employee’s choice!

Please check with the human resources director of your company to see if your donations can be matched.

Email all matching gift forms to [email protected] or mail to:

Alley Cat Allies
7920 Norfolk Ave, Suite 600
Bethesda, MD 20814-2525

Combined Federal Campaign

Military and federal employees can participate in the annual Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which runs from September 1 through December 1. You can find Alley Cat Allies in the Animal Charities sections of CFC materials for Independent Charities of America and Charitable Choices. Alley Cat Allies’ CFC number is 10964.

State Campaigns

If you are a state government employee, you may be able to select Alley Cat Allies in your annual government-employee campaign. Alley Cat Allies can be selected by state government employees in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

United Way

If you participate in a United Way giving campaign that allows donor designations, you may be able to select Alley Cat Allies as the recipient of your United Way gifts. If Alley Cat Allies is not listed as a member agency, please contact the campaign coordinator to see if you can write Alley Cat Allies in as your choice.

Please use our complete name and provide Alley Cat Allies’ address and federal tax identification number.

Complete name:
Alley Cat Allies

7920 Norfolk Avenue, Suite 600
Bethesda, MD 20814-2525

Federal tax identification number: 52-1742079