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For local information, the best resource is Alley Cat Allies’ Feral Friends Network. Our network is made up of volunteers who have offered to help people like you, in their community. They can help you find someplace to borrow a trap, provide a list of local veterinary resources, walk you through humanely trapping a cat, and more. So don’t be shy! Request a list of Feral Friends–they are here to help!

For other inquiries, or to get additional information now, please use the form below.  Answer the first question to get started!

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Lost house cat

House cat: behavior

Preparing for Natural Disasters

Affordable veterinary care

Tips for hard-to-trap cats

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Alley Cat Allies FAQs

Substitute caregiver tips

Share your feedback about the National Cat Help Desk

Share your feedback about the Feral Friends Network

Debunking the myths of outdoor cats

Report a technical issue

Resources to start a TNR organization

Fighting negative ordinances

Know your rights: talking to law enforcement and Animal Control

Legal information for cat advocates

Cats and the law

Taking action against cruelty

Colony care: best practices

Veterinary care for ill or injured cats

Pregnant cat assistance

Relocation: the last resort

Helping cats with fleas and parasites

Financial resources for cats

Socializing kittens

Finding homes for house cats

Threats to cats: Issues with neighbors

Helping cats on your campus

Property management relations

Best practices for kitten care

Humane deterrents to help keep cats away from your property 

Why Trap-Neuter-Return community cats?

How to handle a citation or fine

Open your home to an Alley Cat Allies cat

Shelter Transformation: saving lives through TNR and SNR

Let your community know about TNR!

Veterinary Protocols 

Fundraising tips

Microchips save lives

What is a community cat?

All you need for a successful Trap-Neuter-Return project

Enacting lifesaving ordinances

Find local help through our Feral Friends Network 

Community cats and public health

Confirmed cruelty: what to do?

Suspected cruelty: third party sources

Construction at or destruction of habitat: tips and best practices

Community Cats: Preparing for natural disasters

Threats to cats: trapping in progress or threatened

Dumped or abandoned cats at colony

From Neonatal Kitten Care to Helping Cats in Your Community, our webinars teach individuals and groups how to help protect cats’ lives.  For more information, please visit our website at