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If you’re looking for hands-on assistance with cats or referrals to local resources, search our Feral Friends Network® to connect with feral-friendly veterinarians, low-cost spay/neuter clinics, Trap-Neuter-Return groups, and community cat experts in your area!

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Get advice about cats anytime, online, with our interactive form. Let us know why you’re reaching out, and we’ll point you toward resources that will help you, whether you want to learn how to care for kittens, get started with Trap-Neuter-Return, change local laws, or more!

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After 33 years of helping people with cats, we’ve developed industry best practices and guides and been asked (and answered!) just about every question under the sun. All of that information is available to you, right here, on our website. Here are some quick links:

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Our FAQ gives quick answers to a wide range of questions about Trap-Neuter-Return, caring for outdoor cats, donating to Alley Cat Allies, and more.
  • Community Cat Care – Our definitive online, searchable guide for all things cat care related. We cover everything from how to bottle feed baby kittens, step-by-step instructions on Trap-Neuter-Return, best practices for feeding outdoor cats, to how to talk to your neighbors about cats in your community.
  • Resources – From fact sheets, to latest research and analysis, to fun posters, our easy to search resources provide all the information you need at your fingertips in easily shareable and printable formats.

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