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Fundraising for Animals in Challenging Times – Even During a Pandemic

This free webinar walks through the basics of how to fundraise and spread the word about your good work.

Guide/How-to | Trap-Neuter-Return

How You Can Help Community Cats: A Step-by-Step Guide to Trap-Neuter Return

This simple and informative guide walks through the steps of Trap-Neuter-Return. It follows a TNR effort from planning to completion so you can learn the ins and outs of the process. Ideal for new and seasoned trappers alike, this step-by-step handbook is a great reference to keep in your back pocket.

Webinar | Trap-Neuter-Return

Helping Cats in Your Community Webinar

Guide/How-to | Animal Shelter

Adoption Application

Fact Sheet | Community Change, Disaster Response, Trap-Neuter-Return

Animal Food Banks

Need assistance with food for cats for whom you care? Check your local food bank.

Video | Trap-Neuter-Return

Step by Step Guide: Trap-Neuter-Return

Brochures | Kittens / "Leave Them Be"

Found Kittens? Leave Them Be™ Doorhanger

Guide/How-to | Animal Shelter, Kittens / "Leave Them Be", Veterinarian Awareness

Kitten Care Kit

Shelters don’t always have programs to provide the special care that young kittens need, so many kittens are killed in shelters. By using Alley Cat Allies’ Kitten Care Kit, you become a kitten hero—helping your local shelter and saving lives!

Fact Sheet | Cats and the Law

Understanding Your Local Government & Animal Control

Local governments administer animal control in various ways. It is important to understand how your jurisdiction manages animal control so that you can effectively advocate for change. Your first step in a campaign for change will be to orient yourself to your local government structure, identify the appropriate decision makers, and build lines of communication with them.

Guide/How-to | Kittens / "Leave Them Be"

How Old Is That Kitten? Kitten Guide

Use this helpful kitten guide to determine how old a kitten is. Learn important tips like how old do kittens have to be before changing their food, when kittens open their eyes, and other guidelines.

Guide/How-to | Kittens / "Leave Them Be"

How Old Is That Kitten? Kitten Guide: Eight Weeks

Guide/How-to | Kittens / "Leave Them Be"

How Old Is That Kitten? Kitten Guide: Ten Weeks