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How to Build an Outdoor Shelter

Even though cats are resilient, providing an outdoor cat shelter, where they can sleep, relax, warm up, and stay safe, can help make life outdoors more comfortable. Building an outdoor cat shelter is cheap, easy, and your feline friends will love it!

Guide/How-to | Community Change, Trap-Neuter-Return

Helping Cats in Your Community Workshop Bundle

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Microchips & Community Cats Poster

Guide/How-to | Community Change

Starting Your Own Organization to Help Cats

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Community Cat Shelter Options Gallery

Want to buy or build a cat house or outdoor shelter? Our tips and DIY projects will keep community cats comfortable in summer heat or winter cold. Learn more!

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Helping Cats in Your Community Webinar

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All About: Helping People Coexist with Community Cats Video

If you care for cats who live outdoors, it’s important to also help those cats and people coexist. In this video, Alley Cat Allies President and Founder Becky Robinson talks about why community relations is important, and what you can do to keep your neighbors happy and cats safe. She also gives tips on ways to keep community cats out of gardens, away from porches, off of cars, and out of any other areas they may not be welcome.

Guide/How-to | Community Change, Trap-Neuter-Return

Helping Cats in Your Community Workshop

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Adoption Application

Fact Sheet | Cats and the Law

How to Draft a Trap-Neuter-Return Ordinance

NEWLY UPDATED! Now with a model TNR ordinance template!. Since 1990, Alley Cat Allies has been the only national organization practicing and promoting Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and the humane care of feral cats. As a result of this experience, we are regularly contacted by communities and legislative bodies across the country that are seeking our input on ordinances. They ask us both to review draft ordinances and to suggest appropriate language for inclusion in those drafts.

Video | Spay/Neuter

All About Spay and Neuter

One of the best ways for you to show you love cats is to spay and neuter the cats you care for. Spaying and neutering not only protects and improves the lives of individual cats, it helps the community, too. Watch this video to learn all about spay and neuter and help spread the word by sharing this with your friends.

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How to Live With Cats in Your Neighborhood

Have outdoor cats in your neighborhood and don’t know what to do? Learn how to keep cats out of your yard with cat repellents and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).