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Cat Sanctuaries: Not an Easy Fix

Cat sanctuaries are not a sound viable option for feral (also called community) cats or owned cats. The reality can be quite different.

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Fast Facts on Feral Cat Health

Feral cats are healthy and do not pose a risk to other cats or to people, according to research.

Fast Facts | Cats and Wildlife

Fast Facts on Feral Cats – An Important Part of Our Environment

Feral cats have lived outdoors among humans for 10,000 years.

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Transforming Shelters to Save More Cats: Activist Toolkit

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Feral Cat Shelters & Care

Instructions for building various types of shelters, including 18 Gallon Plastic Tub, 2-Story Cat Condo, Garden Shed, Feline Courtyard, Lattice Wrapped Porch plus resources for finding additional cat shelters. Information provided by Community Cats Maryland.

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Camper Topper Shelter

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Adoption Contract

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Advocacy Toolkit

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Helping Cats in Your Community Workshop

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Feeding Station Options