Alley Cat Allies takes a stand against the removal and killing of community cats on the Paseo del Morro.

In late 2023, the U.S. National Park Service (NPS) announced its intention to remove community cats living on federal lands in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico—a shocking and pointless scheme Alley Cat Allies is doing everything in our power to halt. According to the NPS, if an animal organization of their choosing fails to remove the cats within the tight time frame, a task any organization is bound to fail, NPS will contact a “removal agency.” This means cats will no doubt be killed.

Alley Cat Allies is challenging the NPS’s reckless and baseless decision-making, including the dismissal of a longstanding Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for community cats on the Paseo.

The proposed plan by the NPS not only lacks scientific backing and is doomed to fail, but also flouts environmental protection statutes, setting the stage for the senseless slaughter of scores of cats.

Alley Cat Allies Files Lawsuit Against NPS in Historic Action

To save San Juan’s community cats from eradication, Alley Cat Allies launched a lawsuit against the National Park Service (NPS). This legal challenge aims to put an end to NPS’s cruel, futile, and unlawful plan to remove and kill cats on federal lands in Puerto Rico.

Alley Cat Allies has also met with advocates and local stakeholders in Puerto Rico and is providing. TNR, other needed care, and supplies including food for cats living on the Paseo del Morro.

About the Paseo del Morro Cats

For generations, thriving, independent community cats have made their home alongthe winding path between the rocky shore of San Juan Bay and the impressive Castillo San Felipe del Morro, a historic fort in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. If you visit this popular tourist destination, you’ll see cats effortlessly navigating the surf-swept rocks or weaving along the weathered stone battlements of the fort. Cared for daily through TNR and loved by their community and the millions of visitors to their home, the cats of the Paseo del Morro have lived peacefully—until the announcement of the deadly plan. The cats of the Paseo del Morro are members of their community. They are bonded to their seaside territory and their feline families and pose no health risk or threat to the visitors to their home. They deserve to continue living their lives exactly where they are.


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