As an advocate, you are the voice for cats! You are educated about cats and their needs, you spread awareness about community cats, and are a source of knowledge and advice for your community. You fight for humane laws and policies for cats like Trap-Neuter-Return, and you interact with and educate the public and elected officials at all levels. Your advocacy creates better, safer communities for both cats and people.

Alley Cat Allies can help you advocate successfully and make a positive impact for community cats. We have the information, advice, and tools to help you expand and succeed in your advocacy.


  • Advocacy Toolkit – Learn how to advocate for humane policies for cats in your community with our handy resource. The toolkit covers how to learn what’s happening where you live, ways to have your voice heard, rallying support, and include useful templates & samples.
  • Organizing Your Community for Strategic Change for Cats – Learn how to respond to local crises and organize campaigns to protect cats where you live.
  • Community Relations – Talking to people in your community about cats can save cats’ lives. Learn how to educate others, troubleshoot issues, and become a hero to cats and people alike.

Take Action!

  • Visit our Action Center – Make a difference through our online action center that highlights local and national issues facing cats. Sign a pledge, or contact your representative to advocate on behalf of cats.
  • Sign the Pledge: Stand Against Animal Cruelty – Join Alley Cat Allies in demanding every instance of animal cruelty be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  • Change Your Community – You are the most powerful advocate for cats where you live. See how you can help your community become feline-friendly.
  • Help Your Local Shelter Save More Cats – Do you know what happens to cats at your local shelter? Learn how you advocate for humane programs and policies that will save more cats.

Learn About Our Work

  • Our Work – Learn about the issues facing cats and what we do to fix them.
  • Cats and the Law – We help local communities pass positive laws for cats, and advocate for life-saving legislation at the state level.
  • AntiCruelty – We seek justice for cats harmed in cruelty cases and support caregivers whose cats have been threatened or intentionally harmed.