Alley Cat Allies combats years-long, government-led eradication of community cats on the Cayman Islands

As the government of the Cayman Islands carries out a devastating policy to round up and kill cats, Alley Cat Allies, is working to stop the killing and bolster local Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs, the only humane and effective approaches to community cats.

The reason for the mass killing of cats: A misguided attempt at conservation.

Through our action on the islands, Alley Cat Allies is showing the world that killing is not conservation and that killing one species in favor of another is morally indefensible. Leading biologists, climate scientists, and environmental watchdogs agree that climate change, habitat destruction, and development are the leading causes of species loss. Attempting to pin the blame on cats conveniently ignores the reality that solutions to species loss rest squarely in our hands.

Leading by Example

Alley Cat Allies is working with local advocates to provide TNR, no-cost spay and neuter, vaccinations, and other critical care to indoor and community cats on the Cayman Islands.

We have provided vital veterinary services to hundreds of Cayman Islands cats and given out hundreds of pounds of no-cost cat food to local cat caregivers.

By demonstrating an approach that starkly contrasts against the deadly government plan, we stand in solidarity with the people of the Cayman Islands who care for their cats and support nonlethal programs.

The islands are home to incredible, hard-working TNR advocates who are improving the cats’ lives and the community every day. Between their efforts, government support of TNR, and Alley Cat Allies’ expertise, the Cayman Islands could stand as a model for humane, effective approaches on island communities rather than makeheadlines for cruel and lethal action.


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