Our Work to Protect Cats

Alley Cat Allies works worldwide to protect and improve the lives of cats, from those who share our homes to community cats who live and thrive outdoors. Through direct, lifesaving care, law and policy change, humane education and resources, and so much more, we’re creating a better world for cats and kittens—community by community.

Improving Communities for Cats

Alley Cat Allies protects and improves the lives of cats across the United States and around the world by championing non-lethal, evidence-based policies and programs and providing critical resources.

Protecting Cats from Cruelty

Alley Cat Allies stands against all acts of cruelty to cats. We seek justice for cats who have been harmed or killed, and to reform the failed judicial system to increase prosecution of animal cruelty.

Law and Policy

Alley Cat Allies educates decisionmakers, provides expert testimony, and rallies citizens in support of nonlethal laws and policies for cats. We believe all animal laws must be rooted in evidence-based science and compassion.

Humane Education

Alley Cat Allies’ extensive online resources and in-person outreach bring humane education about cats and kittens to grassroots groups, individuals, and leaders to empower them to improve their communities.

Confronting Deadly Misinformation

Millions of cats’ lives are threatened by misinformation, disinformation, junk science, and baseless claims. Alley Cat Allies works to set the record straight and stop the killing.