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Our Work

Threats to Cats

Alley Cat Allies confronts any and all barriers to cats' safety.

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Animal Shelter System

Although progress has been made, there are still too many animal shelters killing cats and kittens due to outdated policies and procedures. Alley Cat Allies works with shelters to implement lifesaving programs for all cats. Under our leadership, shelters are making humane and necessary change.

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Lies and Propaganda

Baseless claims cost millions of cats their lives every year. Alley Cat Allies works to set the record straight and stop the killing. We're educating communities and institutions regarding the truth about community cats and correcting false claims that cause cats to be killed in shelters.

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Outdated Laws

Without expert guidance on humane best practices, laws related to cats can do more harm than good. Alley Cat Allies educates decision makers about policies that protect cats and benefit the communities where they live. We're helping communities remove harmful laws and pass positive legislation that reflects their humane values.

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Cruelty To Cats

Alley Cat Allies stands against all acts of cruelty to animals. The life of every animal is valuable and deserves to be protected. We seek justice for cats who have been threatened, harmed, or killed, and support stronger animal cruelty laws across the United States.

How We Address These Threats

From individuals with cats in their backyards all the way up to government decisionmakers, Alley Cat Allies is changing the world for cats.

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