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Our Work

The Issues

Alley Cat Allies confronts any and all barriers to cats’ safety.

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Animal Control System

In animal shelters across the nation cat are killed because of outdated policies and procedures. Alley Cat Allies works with shelters to implement lifesaving programs for all cats. Under our leadership, shelters around the nation are making humane change.

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Myths About Cats

Misinformation costs millions of cats their lives every year. Alley Cat Allies is working to set the record straight. We’re educating communities and institutions around the nation on the truth about community cats, and combatting the false claims that get cats killed in shelters.

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Outdated Laws

Laws about cats are often well-intentioned but end up killing them instead of allowing cats to live out their healthy, natural lives. Alley Cat Allies works to educate decisionmakers and communities about policies that save cats and benefit the community. We’re helping communities abolish dangerous laws and pass humane ordinances with progressive language that protects cats.

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Cruelty To Cats

We’re working to advocate for anticruelty laws that protect every cat in the United States, regardless of whether the cat is a companion, outdoor, or community cat.

How We Fix These Issues

From individuals with cats in their backyards all the way up to government decisionmakers, Alley Cat Allies is changing the world for cats.

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