Alley Cat Allies, Inc. (“Alley Cat Allies” or “us” or “we” or “our”) (“Alley Cat Allies” or “us” or “we” or “our”) owns and operates the site (“Site”).  Alley Cat Allies is committed to protecting your privacy when you visit and interact with the Site.  As such, Alley Cat Allies’ privacy practices are explained in this Privacy Policy (“Policy”).

This Policy contains details about how Alley Cat Allies collects and uses information from you when you use the Site.

This Policy covers only the Site.  Other Alley Cat Allies sites and other online locations may have their own privacy policies, and you should consult those accordingly.

This Policy was last updated on and is effective as of May 4, 2018.

Policy Changes

Alley Cat Allies may update this Policy from time to time.  Any changes to this Policy will be posted below for a period of thirty (30) days and will be effective when posted.  The changes will also be immediately incorporated into this Policy.

Your continued use of the Site after any changes are made to this Policy constitutes your acceptance of the changes.  If any of the changes are unacceptable to you, you should cease using the Site.

If any changes to this Policy affect how Alley Cat Allies treats or handles information already provided by you to Alley Cat Allies, Alley Cat Allies will notify you by email (if Alley Cat Allies has a valid email address to use) and give you thirty (30) days to opt-in to the changes as they pertain to your information.  If you do not opt-in, your information will continue to be used in a manner that is consistent with the version of this Policy under which it was collected, or the information will be deleted.


  1. Collection and Use of Information/Choices
    1. Sharing of PII and Other Information
    2. Review of Collected PII/Other Choices
    3. Response to “Do Not Track” Requests/Signals
  2. Data Security and Retention
  3. Donor’s Privacy
  4. Children’s Privacy
  5. Non-U.S. Concerns
  6. External Links
  7. Terms of Use
  8. Miscellaneous

Collection and Use of Information/Choices

You can generally visit the Site without revealing any personally identifiable information about yourself.  Personally identifiable information (“PII”) is generally defined as information that may be able to identify you including, but not limited to, name, address, telephone number, email address, birthday, credit card number, photograph, age, etc.

There are areas on the Site where you may be asked to provide Alley Cat Allies with PII.  For example, PII such as name, mailing address, email address, phone number, credit card number, birthday, office address and other business information , may be collected from you when you:

  • make monetary donations to Alley Cat Allies;
  • leave/plan future monetary gifts to the Alley Cat Allies (e.g., bequests, life insurance);
  • seek to donate personal or real property/non-monetary items or gifts;
  • shop via the Site;
  • register for Alley Cat Allies events, workshops, podcasts, and/or webinars;
  • contact Alley Cat Allies with questions or comments;
  • create a user name and password (or answer to security question) in order to establish a Site account;
  • sign petitions or pledges for/against certain laws or regulations;
  • request neighborhood distribution materials for circulation (e.g., door hangers);
  • apply for a job;
  • sign up to be a “feral friend” or request assistance from a “feral friend” through the Feral Friends Network;
  • send personalized eCards through the Site;
  • participate in surveys, questionnaires, or contests; and/or
  • sign up for various Alley Cat Allies’ newsletters or other information via email.

If you use a payment provider (e.g., PayPal) or other third party service that interacts with the Site, Alley Cat Allies may receive information about you from that service, site or app.

Alley Cat Allies may use your PII to:

  • maintain proper business and other relevant records;
  • administer Site accounts;
  • process donations or gifts made to Alley Cat Allies;
  • process payments and ship items purchased through the Site;
  • process reservations for, and administer, events, workshops, podcasts, and/or webinars;
  • administer/process petitions and pledges in favor/against certain laws or regulations;
  • process requests for, and ship, neighborhood distribution materials;
  • review job applicant information, conduct interviews, and/or hire personnel;
  • process requests to be a “feral friend” or requests for assistance from “feral friends” via the Feral Friends Network;
  • administer the Feral Friends Network;
  • process and send eCard requests;
  • schedule/administer meetings and events;
  • respond to questions or comments;
  • deliver services through the Site;
  • process and catalog responses to surveys or questionnaires;
  • enter you in, and administer, contests and other promotions;
  • send you Alley Cat Allies newsletters and other updates or information;
  • improve the content and general administration of the Site;
  • perform internal Site operations (e.g., fraud prevention);
  • troubleshoot software issues and operational problems;
  • conduct Site data analysis and testing; and/or
  • monitor Site usage.

The Site may use cookies.  Cookies are files that are transmitted to your computer when you visit the Site.  Cookies allow Alley Cat Allies to recognize your browser when you subsequently return to the Site.  Cookies may also store your user preferences when you visit the Site.  Alley Cat Allies does not use cookies to collect PII.  For additional general information regarding cookies, please see may be able to delete cookies by consulting your browser and/or computer instructions.  Please note that any deletion of cookies could affect how the Site appears and/or operates for you.

Alley Cat Allies uses multiple services to track Site usage trends, measure Site performance, improve Site features.  No PII is collected by these services during this process.  For further information, please see the privacy policies associated with these service providers:

Alley Cat Allies uses services (such as Quantcast) to serve you customized Alley Cat Allies advertisements on third party sites based on your interaction with the Site.  These services may place cookies on your browser for these targeted advertising purposes.  Data is not collected from you during this process, rather data is deposited in the form of a cookie on your computer.  PII or personal information such as your name, email address, postal address and/or telephone number are not collected.  You may be able to delete cookies by consulting your browser and/or computer instructions.  Please note that any deletion of cookies could affect how the Site appears and/or operates for you.

You can also generally opt-out of receiving targeted ads from third party advertisers and ad networks who are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) by clicking here:  We also comply with the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising as managed by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).  You may opt out of receiving targeted advertisements from other companies that perform interest-based advertising services, including some that we may work with, via the DAA site found here:  Please note that when using the ad industry opt-out tools described above, you may need to execute this opt-out on each browser or device that you use, and that other companies’ opt-outs may function differently than our opt-out.

By providing to Alley Cat Allies the PII and other information referenced above, you agree that Alley Cat Allies may use the PII and other information in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

Sharing of PII and Other Information

Except as noted herein, Alley Cat Allies does not sell or share your PII with any person or entity outside of Alley Cat Allies.

The Site may integrate with social media services which let you share actions you take on our Site with other apps, sites, or media, and vice versa.  Please review the privacy policies of those social media services for information about how such services handle the information you provide to or share through them.

Alley Cat Allies uses Google’s API in order to provide access to Google Maps so users can see what events are happening in a specific area.  Information related to physical location or preferred search area will need to be shared with Google in order for Google Maps to function properly.

Alley Cat Allies will share certain portions of PII with its vendors in order to make the Site and Site related services function properly.  This may include:

  • Sharing PII with our credit/debit card processing entity in order to process any credit/debit card payments made through the Site.
  • Sharing PII with PayPal to process payments through the Site.
  • Sharing PII with Shopify and Printful to process payments and fulfill orders through the Site.
  • Sharing PII with SurveyGizmo to sign up for communcitions
  • Sharing PII with GoToWebinar to attend and view online webinars
  • Sharing PII with FedEx and USPS to fulfil orders places on the Site.

Alley Cat Allies may share your PII with relevant government entities or agents/persons if the PII was submitted as part of a petition or pledge in favor of or against a specific law or regulation.

Alley Cat Allies will disclose your PII if it reasonably believes it is required to do so by law or in cooperation with a governmental or law enforcement investigation.    Alley Cat Allies may also share PII or other information in order to avoid imminent physical harm to any person or harm/damage to any Alley Cat Allies property.

Alley Cat Allies may share your PII with a third party if Alley Cat Allies’ ownership status changes, such as it being acquired.

Other than what is referenced above, the PII collected from you is not shared with nor sold to any person or entity outside of Alley Cat Allies.

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Review of Collected PII/Other Choices

If you would like to review, edit, or delete any of the PII Alley Cat Allies collected from you, or wish Alley Cat Allies to cease using your PII in the manners specified in this Policy, please contact Alley Cat Allies at [email protected]. Please note that Alley Cat Allies will do its best to accommodate your request, but Alley Cat Allies cannot guarantee it can remove all PII from the specified uses.  Therefore, please be as specific as possible in your request.  If the request relates to information that Alley Cat Allies needs to make the Site function properly for you, you may not be able to use the Site properly moving forward.

Alley Cat Allies reserves the right to maintain proper business records as required by law, or for other organizational reasons permitted by law even if such records contain your PII.

If you would like to opt out of receiving further promotional emails from Alley Cat Allies, please follow the opt-out instructions at the bottom of the email or send Alley Cat Allies a detailed email to [email protected].

Alley Cat Allies does not knowingly collect any information from minors, nor is the Site directed at or intended for minors.  If a minor uploads/posts information to the Site that is publicly available, and the minor subsequently wants that same information deleted, the minor has a right to request that said information be removed from public viewing.  To do so, please send a detailed email to [email protected] with the subject line “Request to Remove Information Regarding a Minor.”  Please note that any removal of content by Alley Cat Allies does not ensure or guarantee complete or comprehensive removal of the content in all places.  The content may have been shared or reposted by other parties, or federal or state law may require maintenance of the content or information.

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Response to “Do Not Track” Requests/Signals

As noted previously in this Policy, several third parties may directly collect information through the Site.  Since it is possible that some of these third parties may respond differently than Alley Cat Allies to “do not track” requests, you should consult the applicable privacy policies of those third parties for that information.

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Data Security and Retention

While Alley Cat Allies takes the issue of protecting your PII seriously, you should exercise discretion in what information you disclose and/or transmit to the Site.  Alley Cat Allies cannot guarantee that information sent over the Internet is fully secure, and therefore the transmitted information may be intercepted by others before it reaches Alley Cat Allies.  If you are concerned about sending information to Alley Cat Allies over the Internet, please send the information by mail or call us to make other arrangements.  Alley Cat Allies is not responsible for the security of information sent over the Internet.

Alley Cat Allies retains collected information for a reasonable amount of time in order to fulfill the stated purpose for why the information was collected.  Alley Cat Allies will also retain collected information connected to business records for periods of time required by law.  If Alley Cat Allies determines that collected information is no longer needed, it will delete such information. Our collection times will be consistent with applicable law.

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Donor Privacy

It is the policy of Alley Cat Allies to not share donors email addresses.  It is our policy to exchange the names of our donors and supporters with other charities that share our values. We do this in order to expand our donor base and spread our mission and to support those charities who we feel are working toward the good of animals and our community.  Donors may opt-out of having their personal information shared and request that we remove their contact information from mailing lists we share or sell by contacting us as follows: email [email protected] or call 240-482-1980.

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Children’s Privacy

The Site is intended for individuals 18 years of age and older located in the United States.

The Site is not directed at, marketed to, or intended for, children under 13 years of age.  Alley Cat Allies does not knowingly collect any information, including PII, from children under 13 years of age.  If Alley Cat Allies learns that any information was provided through the Site by a person younger than 13 years of age, Alley Cat Allies will delete the information immediately.

Alley Cat Allies will not use a minor’s PII to market or advertise certain products or services deemed harmful to children.  Alley Cat Allies also will not disclose any minor’s PII if it has actual knowledge that the minor’s PII will be used for the purpose of marketing or advertising the harmful products or services.

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Non-U.S. Concerns

The Site is meant for individuals within the United States.  Alley Cat Allies only knowingly collects information from individuals within the United States.  If you provide information to Alley Cat Allies from outside of the United States, you do so at your own risk.  If you are outside of the United States, you are responsible for complying with any local laws regarding use of the Site, and related data collection.  You also agree and acknowledge that by providing any information, including PII, through the Site, that such information will be transmitted to, and processed and stored in, the United States.

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Terms of Use

The Terms of Use for the Site is incorporated by reference into this Policy.  The Terms of Use can be found at:

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There may be areas on the Site where you are asked to supply the PII of another person (e.g., making a gift in the honor of someone else).  Please be sure you have the proper permission from the person or other relevant party to submit such PII through the Site.  Alley Cat Allies is not responsible for any harm to any third parties as a result of you submitting a third party’s PII through the Site.

If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact Alley Cat Allies at:

EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: 240-482-1980
Alley Cat Allies
7920 Norfolk Ave, Suite 600
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

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It is the policy of Alley Cat Allies to strictly enforce this Policy.  If you believe there has been some violation of this Policy, please contact Alley Cat Allies.

This Policy was last updated on February 27, 2017.