Alley Cat Allies President and Founder Becky Robinson sent the following letter of support for SB 879, a California bill that would “prohibit a contract testing facility from conducting a canine or feline toxicological experiment, defined as any test or study of any duration that seeks to determine the effect of the application or exposure of any amount of a chemical substance on a dog or cat…”


June 29, 2022 

The Honorable Chris R. Holden
Chair, Assembly Appropriations Committee
California State Assembly

RE: IN SUPPORT OF SB 879 (Wiener, et al.)  Toxicological Testing on dogs and cats

Dear Chair Holden:

On behalf of Alley Cat Allies and our more than 149,000 supporters in California, I am writing to express our strong support for SB 879, Toxicological Testing on dogs and cats, and we urge legislators to also support this bill. As the next logical step, I further urge the legislature to outlaw all laboratory testing on cats and all animals, because it is nothing more than torture for the animals and counterproductive to helping humans.

I created Alley Cat Allies in 1990 to build and share the first programs for cats in the country based on evidence and science. We work with lawmakers, shelters and the public toward lifesaving laws and policies that serve the best interests of cats.

The horrifying process of conducting laboratory tests on cats and all animals must end. Testing on animals is never justified and absolutely does not need to be conducted on cats, kittens, or any other animals. There are sophisticated and effective research methods available that do not put humans or animals at risk.

Alley Cat Allies confronts all barriers to cats’ safety, including experimentation. At every opportunity, we speak for stronger legislation to end testing on animals entirely. Cats are highly intelligent animals who suffer and feel pain. When confined, cats suffer from boredom, fearfulness, aggression toward people and other cats, and self-mutilation. It is cruel and immoral for us to deliberately cause them to suffer, especially when the research information being sought can be obtained through other means that are more precise, less expensive, and without such enormous ethical impediments.

It is time pull the plug on terrible experiments that have inflicted immeasurable suffering on cats and kittens.¯I respectfully request you and the members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee to support SB 879 to increase protections for cats against inhumane laboratory experiments.


Becky Robinson
President & Founder, Alley Cat Allies