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About Alley Cat Allies

About Alley Cat Allies

About Alley Cat Allies

Protecting & improving cats' lives is what Alley Cat Allies is about. We are a champion for the humane treatment of all pet, stray, and feral cats & kittens. Join us & help cats today.

FAQ about Alley Cats

FAQ about Alley Cat Allies

Get the answers to some frequently asked questions about community or feral cats, Trap-Neuter-Return,
and Alley Cat Allies.

Becky Robinson of Alley Cat Allies

Meet Becky Robinson

Becky Robinson is President and Founder of Alley Cat Allies, the nation’s leading cat advocacy organization. She stands at the forefront of the global movement to protect and improve the lives of all cats.

How to give to protect cats

How to Give to Protect Cats

With donations from our supporters, we're able to help create programs that save cats' lives, teach communities how to help stray & community cats and feral kittens in their neighborhood, and respond to cats affected by natural disasters.

Becky Robinson's Blog for community Cats

Read Becky’s Blog

See what our president and founder has to say on topics that affect community cats and all animals.

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Need help with outdoor cats? Our Feral Friends Network is a list of cat experts near you who can help with TNR and veterinary services. Connect now!