Educating Others

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They might know Garfield and Grumpy Cat, but even a big cat lover might not know about community cats. That’s okay: YOU can teach them all about these wonderful felines and convert them to community cat lovers! But even if they aren’t cat lovers and never will be, educating your neighbors about community cats will help them understand that Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) not only improves cats’ lives, but also the communityand that’s something everyone can get behind.

Whether you’re currently conducting TNR and caring for community cats, or if you just want to help get the word outeducation is a key part of helping cats and your community.

We’ve got the materials and information you’ll need to learn and teach others about community cats and TNR:

The Basics

    • All about Community Cats (Web page | Video | PDF | Order online) Provides a quick and easy overview of community cats.
    • How to Live with Cats in Your Neighborhood (Web page | Order online) The best resource for helping people and cats coexist, includes simple solutions to common complaints about community cats.
    • Trap-Neuter-Return for Community Cats: The Basics (Web page | Order online) A quick summary of the essential steps of TNR. This will help explain to others what you’re doing.

More about Community Cats

More about Trap-Neuter-Return

Tools You Can Use

Be sure to check out the educational and outreach items available in our online shopit’s a convenient way to share information about community cats and Trap-Neuter-Return.

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