2023 is here! Alley Cat Allies is already seizing new opportunities to save cats and transform communities in the new year. But as we enjoy this fresh start we want to look back and celebrate the incredible work for cats you made possible in 2022. 

Here are 22 highlights (out of many, many more!) of our work for cats together in 2022: 

1. Our Feline Frenzy® in Virginia Spayed or Neutered Over 100 Cats 

We surpassed our goal of 100 owned and community cats spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped in just a few days at our Feline Frenzy® with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in Galax and Roanoke, Virginia! 

2. We Came to the Defense of TNR in Texas  

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is writing an opinion that could threaten TNR by including a determination that TNR is abandonment under Texas statute. Alley Cat Allies, acting in defense of TNR, submitted a legal brief and a petition signed by more than 1,000 Texas advocates in less than 48 hours with the answer: TNR is not abandonment, and it’s what Texans want. 

3. We Testified in the Trial of Two Alabama Cat Caregivers 

Alley Cat Allies provided expert testimony for the defense in the trials of community cat caregivers Beverly Roberts and Mary Alston, whose arrest and conviction in Wetumpka went viral. Compassion should not be treated as a crime, and we will continue to work in the community to ensure residents’ compassionate values are reflected. 

4. We’re Repairing Paws and Ending Declawing 

Alley Cat Allies’ collaboration with The Paw Project is providing paw repair surgery to declawed cats, educating veterinarians on why declawing is cruel and unnecessary, and supporting laws to ban declawing. 

5. Our Work in Atlantic County Saved 450+ cats 

Alley Cat Allies teamed up with the Humane Society of Atlantic County, New Jersey, in a high-quality, high-volume spay and neuter program. We succeeded in spaying, neutering, and treating nearly 500 cats in a matter of months—all thanks to you!  

6. We Helped 500+ Cats in Mayfield After Tornadoes 

As part of our work on the front lines to help Mayfield, Kentucky’s cats thrive after devastating tornadoes, Alley Cat Allies held multiple high-quality, high-volume spay and neuter and wellness events through the year, including our?Feline Frenzy®?in October. 

7. We’re Championing TNR in Pearland, Texas 

TNR was at risk in Pearland, so Alley Cat Allies headed to the town in December to defend TNR programs and advocates at a city council meeting. TNR is the humane and effective way forward for Pearland’s cats and community

8. We Started a Campaign to Stop Cruelty to Cats 

Alley Cat Allies teamed up with the Humane Society of Louisiana (HSLA) this year to launch the Stop Cruelty to Cats campaign with a goal to reverse the crisis of cruelty to cats. By creating systems and infrastructure to strengthen reporting of cruelty and enforcement of anti-animal cruelty laws, we can protect cats and us all. 

9. We’re Seeking Strongest Sentence in Sacramento County Cruelty Case 

In a case of horrific animal cruelty in Orangevale, California, Alley Cat Allies is calling for justice to be served with a conviction and sentence to the fullest extent of the law. 

10. We Called for Justice for Mr. Meow 

Alley Cat Allies has been involved in seeking justice in the case of horrific cruelty toward a tabby cat named Mr. Meow since March 2022, when he was viciously shot to death in his Copperopolis, California, neighborhood. We’re staying engaged with key individuals and court dates as we call for the maximum sentence and prison time for Mr. Meow’s killer. 

11. We Gave A Small Cat Family a New Start 

Alley Cat Allies is leading extensive efforts in multiple West Virginia communities to protect cats and kittens. This year, we ensured kittens Flynn, Winnie, Roo, Merida, Dori and mom Rapunzel got much-needed veterinary treatment. Now they’re doing amazingly well in adoptive homes. 

12. Together, We Helped Pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act 

Though they aren’t domestic cats, the treatment of Big Cats in the U.S. reflects our larger commitment to the safety of all animals. That’s why we called on our supporters to act in favor of The Big Cat Public Safety Act to outlaw private ownership of Big Cats as well as cruel cub-petting schemes and roadside zoos. This measure became national law in December! 

13. We Saved 100+ Cats and Dogs in a Municipal Animal Facility 

Alley Cat Allies jumped into action to respond to a crisis in a rural Louisiana animal facility and save more than 100 cats and dogs being kept in cruel, inhumane conditions. The animals have almost all since moved onto rescue organizations or adoptive homes! 

14. We Stopped a Dangerous Ordinance in Ravenswood, West Virginia 

Thanks to our education and advocacy, the Ravenswood City Council voted not to move forward on a proposed punitive ordinance that would have been dangerous for cats and kittens. Instead, they listened to Alley Cat Allies and will research compassionate, evidence-based approaches. 

15. We Helped Journey and Sharon Start Their New Journey 

As part of our outreach work in West Virginia, and thanks to a call from a good Samaritan and the generosity of our supporters, we rushed tiny Journey to the veterinary care she needed. Similarly, Sharon came into Alley Cat Allies’ care at just a month old and was so sick and weak we worried she wouldn’t make it. But we never give up on kittens who need us. We ensured Sharon and Journey recovered in safe, loving foster homes. 

Their transformation from cold, immobile, and near death to bold, bright, and lively kittens was incredible to witness! 

16. We’re Fighting for Change in Berkeley County 

Alley Cat Allies’ in-depth investigation into animal cruelty in Berkeley County Animal Control in West Virginia revealed that the facility routinely, intentionally, knowingly, and/or recklessly withheld critical veterinary treatment from animals in its shelter. We filed a writ of mandamus in the state’s supreme court. As we continue our fight in court, we continue to fight for justice and change in the community. 

17. We Helped Ban Declawing in Maryland

Alley Cat Allies and The Paw Project mobilized advocates in Maryland to champion a statewide ban on the cruel practice of cat declawing. Together, we succeeded—the law passed and took effect in October! Maryland is now the second U.S. state to outlaw declawing.

18. We Rescued 300 Cats and Kittens for Foster and Adoption

Alley Cat Allies ensures cats and kittens receive care they need in experienced foster homes until they can find adoptive families. The power of foster care support cannot be overstated—it’s often the first loving environment an animal has experienced! In 2022, we ensured 300 animals were rescued for foster and adoption.

19. We Brought Kittens from Pharr Away to A New Home

Alley Cat Allies drove a mother cat and her kittens from the border town of Pharr, Texas, all the way to Houston to kickstart their new lives. Smoosh, Pipsqueak, Squiggles, Snacks, Squirt, and mom Polly were all spayed or neutered and adopted—all thanks to you!

20. We Supported Positive Legislation and Fought Dangerous Ordinances

Thanks to our supporters, Alley Cat Allies connected with legislators across the country to support laws that protect cats and fight to end laws that would do them harm. Rhode Island, California, Delaware, Washington D.C., New Hampshire, Hawaii, Louisiana, Arizona, and many others—we advocated for cats in all of these locations this year!

21. We’re Protecting Community Cats in California’s East Bay

Alley Cat Allies spent this year pursuing policy change to ensure community cats are never shot and killed again on parklands in  East Bay. Our goal: Protect East Bay’s cats and show all government agencies that killing cats is not tolerated. 

22. We Received Highest Ratings from Charity Navigator and Candid

Alley Cat Allies received the highest recognition from the top charity evaluators in the United States, which review us annually for our transparency and accountability. This rating proves that every gift makes an impact for cats—and will help us grow our movement for a better world for cats and kittens. 

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