GALAX, Va. –  Over 100 cats in and around the city of Galax, Va., will be helped through an intense several days of spay and neuter and vaccination activity – the Alley Cat Allies Feline Frenzy®. Alley Cat Allies, the global leader in the movement to protect cats and kittens, is collaborating with Homeward Trails and local organizations in Galax and Roanoke to bring this special event to the region.

“Alley Cat Allies Feline Frenzy events bring long-lasting, positive change for the humane care of cats in the community, and we are excited for the impact this week will have on Galax and southwestern Virginia,” said Alice Burton, director of programs for Alley Cat Allies.

The Feline Frenzy will include spay and neuter surgeries, vaccinations and other needed veterinary care, microchips, and, for community cats, eartips for identification, all made possible by Alley Cat Allies.

“Homeward Trails is excited and grateful to be collaborating with Alley Cat Allies for this year-end spay and neuter event in Galax,” said Sue Bell, executive director of Homeward Trails. “The support of Alley Cat Allies is allowing us to end the year with another 80 cats sterilized, which will bring peace of mind to many cat caretakers.”

Alley Cat Allies Feline Frenzy events bring together the community, including local animal protection groups, veterinarians, advocates, caregivers, policymakers and community members. Together, we help cats through high volume spay and neuter services, vaccination, microchipping and humane education for the community. With Alley Cat Allies’ leadership, communities transform while adopting practices and policies that set the groundwork to save cats’ lives far into the future.

TNR is the only humane and effective approach for outdoor cats. As evidence-based, sound public policy, TNR effectively and humanely addresses the community cat population, reduces shelter intake and killing, and reduces calls to animal services, which saves taxpayer dollars.

Scientific studies show that TNR ends the breeding cycle, meaning no new kittens are born outdoors, while improving the lives of community cats and their relationships with people who live near them. TNR is practiced in thousands of locations, a number that continues to grow because of its success.