Journey may have had a rough start to her life, but thanks to quick action from Alley Cat Alliesmade possible by our supporters like youshe’s starting on a grand new, well…journey!


Journey being treated at a veterinary hospital after she was rescued by Alley Cat Allies. She would not have survived the night without emergency care.

There’s little more harrowing than getting a frantic call from a caregiver about a kitten who is in critical condition. Alley Cat Allies, however, has the infrastructure necessary to take immediate and lifesaving steps to save lives. So, when we fielded one such call from West Virginia, we were able to rush the tiny kittenJourneyto an emergency hospital. 

Once there, Journey was whisked into treatment. She was cold to the touch, covered in fleas, dehydrated, and so sick with pneumonia she could barely move. She would not have survived the night without emergency care. We saved her life, and it’s all thanks to you! 

Journey regained a normal temperature after antibiotics and fluids. Now she is stable and recovering in a loving foster home. She’s doing so much better, and we’re looking forward to finding her an adoptive home very soonafter she’s spayed, of course!


Journey recuperating in her foster home. She’s doing great!

You will soon see Journey on our adoptable cat webpage at Until then, consider taking home one of our other incredible adoptable cats, kittens, and dogs!