A kitten treated at the Alley Cat Allies Feline Frenzy® in Mayfield, Kentucky.

In honor of Global Cat Day 2022 and under our ongoing work on the frontlines to help Mayfield, Kentucky’s cats recover and thrive after devastating tornadoes in December 2021, Alley Cat Allies held a high-quality, high-volume spay and neuter and wellness event on October 12 as part of our Feline Frenzy® in the area.

The event, hosted by Mayfield Veterinary Clinic—to whom Alley Cat Allies has provided support since the beginning of the year—reached more than 100 cats with spay and neuter, vaccination, microchips, and other health and wellness care. In our work in the community throughout 2022, we have bolstered local Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and helped more than 500 cats and kittens receive critical veterinary services.

Our work in Kentucky is making headlines, as WTVF in Nashville; WPSD-TV in Paducah, Ky.; WSIL-TV in Harrisburg, Ill., and KFVS-TV in Cape Girardeau, Mo.; WFLX-TV in Florida, and many more news outlets all covered the intense day of lifesaving action for cats.

“The Mayfield community is extremely grateful and appreciative to Alley Cat Allies and what they’ve done for our community and cats,” said Lauren Bailey, Veterinary Technician at Mayfield Veterinary Clinic.

Sherbert received treatment for his eye at the Feline Frenzy event.

“Even before the tornadoes, many Mayfield residents were struggling to care for their own animals. Suddenly, they had displaced cats who had lost their homes in their front yards,” she continued. “They care about these cats, but simply can’t help them alone. I’ve seen an overwhelming response to the remarkable things Alley Cat Allies is doing for the community when it matters most.”

The Feline Frenzy event spanned far beyond spay and neuter, incorporating wellness checks and critical emergency surgeries for cats from every corner of the community.

We ensured Sherbert, an orange tabby brought in by the school manager of a local high school, received needed surgery for a swollen eye. Soon he’ll be ready to embark on a new adventure—a foster home, then a forever home.


Snowflake returned to her outdoor home on prison grounds after targeted treatment at the Feline Frenzy.

Snowflake, a beautiful long-haired white cat, was brought to our Feline Frenzy event from a local restricted custody facility. There, inmates have been diligently caring for the many cats—including Snowflake—who were displaced onto the grounds by the tornadoes. Snowflake received a wellness check and some treatment so she could return to her outdoor home with her tail held high.

Black cat Sheba received treatment for a wound on her head, as well as spay, vaccination, and microchip. With antibiotics administered in the clinic and going home with her, Sheba already had more pep in her step after her short time at the Feline Frenzy.

Local caregiver Sheila O. came into the clinic with her community cats, including kittens Jack and Jill. After the tornadoes, two new cats had shown up on her doorstep. Two soon became 11 cats—a common scenario in the aftermath of natural disasters, when both people and animals lose their homes in a matter of hours. Jack and Jill received swift treatment with antibiotics for upper respiratory infections, as well as eye medications and vaccinations. They’ll return to be spayed and neutered once they’re old enough.

Jack and sister Jill received eye treatment and other care at Alley Cat Allies’ Feline Frenzy.

“I’m so grateful for Alley Cat Allies and all of their help with everything after the tornado,” said Sheila. “We’re getting these cats situated and I’m so thankful. What they’re doing is wonderful and these babies will have a great life after this care.”

On top of making all this lifesaving treatment and spay and neuter possible, Alley Cat Allies also sent bags of cat food home with caregivers and pet owners who attended the Feline Frenzy.

A Feline Frenzy is far more than just a spay and neuter clinic. It encompasses all of our work past, present, and future for the cats in this survivor community. Through connecting with key groups, caregivers, and advocates in the area, Alley Cat Allies is utilizing our expertise and resources to lay the groundwork for community practices that will save cats’ lives for years to come—when tornado recovery has finally stabilized the community.

We have much more to do to help cats in Mayfield, and we’re grateful to our steadfast supporters who make this on-the-groundwork possible.