Alley Cat Allies stands against all acts of animal cruelty. We work to eradicate laws and policies that sanction institutionalized cruelty, such as when a local government orders the killing of cats in parks. We fight for stronger laws against individualized cruelty, such as when a family pet is abused, and seek justice for the victim.

All cats, and all animals, deserve to be free from cruelty and killing.

Alley Cat Allies works to ensure no cat is made to suffer like Louie, who was subjected to unbelievable cruelty before he was even a year old.

Locked away in a cage in a back room of a house, Louie was barely fed once every three daysand often punished when he did eat. To say he was malnourished and traumatized as a result of the horrors he faced would be a severe understatement.

Alley Cat Allies was able to intervene and save Louie, and today he is a sweet, vibrant cat enjoying the good life as he deserves. Read his story of recovery.

We also saw that animal control services investigated the situation and prosecuted Louie’s abuser. She received a severe penalty. Ensuring there are strong anti-cruelty laws in place where you live, and that cases of animal cruelty are prosecuted to the fullest extent of that law, are key to saving and protecting cats’ lives.

What You Can Do