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Alley Cat Action, Volume 32, Issue 3, Spring 2022

| Alley Cat Allies, Anti-Cruelty
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Fearlessly Defending Cats and All Animals

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President’s Message

Thirty years ago, as I was reviewing “educational” brochures that contained dangerous misconceptions about cats and promoted deadly policies, I said to myself: Alley Cat Allies is going to make all this a thing of the past. There was no mention of humane, effective programs like Trap- Neuter-Return (TNR) and high-volume, high-quality spay and neuter.

Today, these lifesaving programs are mainstream. By leading with science and facts instead of fears, and organizing dynamic advocates like you, we changed the narrative entirely.

Now we continue to ramp up our hard-hitting work because there are still so many critical new paths to carve. Like you, I keep a close eye on the news. There are shocking reports of animal cruelty, like the life-threatening harm recently done to a cat named Buddy in Philadelphia, who I’m relieved to know survived.

But there is hope … we can turn the ship around. I know from experience that our voice, together, can alter the very course of society for animals and us all.

This year, I’ve already traveled to Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas to launch exciting initiatives that will forever transform how cats are seen and treated. Our new Stop Cruelty to Cats campaign is changing the definition of public health to recognize the dangers violence toward cats poses to our communities.

We’re putting long-needed systems in place to confront the growing crisis of animal cruelty. We will succeed because we know what it takes to organize, vocalize, and unite compassionate people like you on a grand scale.

You empower us to do it all. The fight has only just begun but mark my words: We will win it.

For cats and all animals,

Becky Robinson Becky Robinson
Becky Robinson
Founder, Alley Cat Allies
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