Louie suffered unbelievable cruelty before he was even a year old. Locked away in a cage in a back room of a house, he was barely fed once every three daysand often punished when he did eat.

Alley Cat Allies intervened and saved Louie’s life, and we are working to ensure no cat has to suffer like him ever again. So in Louie’s honor, we’ve launched a new campaign in our mission to fight animal cruelty all around the world.


We rescued Louie from his horrific situation, saw that animal control services investigated the situation and prosecuted Louie’s abuser, and that his abuser received a severe penalty for her actions. All cats who suffer cruelty deserve justice and to be protected by effective, properly-enforced anti-cruelty laws.
But the work doesn’t stop there. Alley Cat Allies also takes action against institutionalized cruelty permitted by outdated policies and programs, like the shooting of cats on parklands and the killing of cats in animal shelters.

Cats, and all animals, deserve to be free from cruelty and killing. Our society should have laws that reflect our humane values. To do that we must turn our compassion into action.
Please join our campaign and raise your voice for stronger anti-cruelty laws where you live, and the prosecution of offenders to the fullest extent of those laws. Visit alleycat.org/SpeakOutForLouie.

Show Your Support, Start a Conversation

width="300"Stand against cruelty with special gear inspired by Louie. Not only do these unique t-shirts draw attention to Louie’s story, they are a way to express that you stand against ALL cruelty toward cats. Because this is a movement that affects every cat, we’ve also included a design that has space for you to add the names of the cats and kittens in your own life that you protect by speaking out against cruelty.

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