How to save & take care of a kitten and feral cats - an advocacy tool kit

Advocacy Tools: Animal Shelter Transformation

Guide/How-to| Animal Shelter, Shelter Transformation

Get the materials you need to help your local shelter implement changes and save more cats’ lives, all in one convenient bundle!

Toolkit: How to Use These Materials

Here is a list of the materials included in this toolkit and how you can most effectively use them to help protect and improve the lives of cats where you live:

Transforming Shelters to Save More Cats: Activist Toolkit

This resource will help you organize your community and approach your local animal shelter about implementing positive changes for cats.

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Obtaining Animal Shelter Records: A Guide for Advocates

Read this resource to find out how to acquire your local shelter’s records, which will detail information like how many cats are adopted or killed. This can help you advocate to make changes and save more cats’ lives.

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Transforming Shelters to Save More Cats: A Blueprint for Change

Share this resource with animal shelter professionals as a guide on making positive changes at their shelter to save more cats. Includes examples and testimonials from animal shelters that have implemented humane change.

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Shelter Series Resources

This shelter series can be shared with animal shelter professionals who want to implement positive changes for cats. It includes:

Talking to Your Community About Cats: A Guide for Shelter Staff

This is a guide to support shelter staff and municipal leaders in effectively communicating with members of the community about cats.

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Reducing Shelter Admissions and Saving Lives with a Cat Help Desk

A Cat Help Desk program helps people do the right thing, keeps cats out of shelters, and more. Learn more about how reducing shelter admissions saves lives.

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Saving Cats and Kittens with a Foster Care Program

This toolkit will help you implement your foster care program, get it off the ground quickly and avoid common pitfalls.

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Managing Communications When Your Shelter Adopts an SNR or TNR Policy

Get real-life advice and information from animal services directors who have implemented SNR/TNR cat management programs.

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How to Support TNR in Your Community Without Doing It All

This is a guide to help you support TNR in the community without taking on the role of creating and operating the entire program.

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Cat Resource Posters

Community Cat Infographic Poster

This poster is perfect to display in animal shelters to help the public learn about community cats.

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“Help, I Found a Kitten!” Poster

This illustrated flowchart can be displayed in animal shelters to help members of the public determine the right steps to take and how best to help kittens they have found outdoors.

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