How to save & take care of a kitten and feral cats - an advocacy tool kit

Kitten Care Kit

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Shelters don’t always have programs to provide the special care that young kittens need, so many kittens are killed in shelters. By using Alley Cat Allies’ Kitten Care Kit, you become a kitten herohelping your local shelter and saving lives!

This Kitten Care Kit has everything you need to keep kittens healthy before adoption. Whether they’re neonatal kittens who just opened their little eyes, or fuzzy five-week olds who are starting to explore their world, you are now equipped to be a kitten hero.

Kit contents vary slightly different depending on kittens’ age, but they all start with a cardboard carrier filled with items like:

  • KittenCareKitTogethertKitten milk replacer
    This is specially formulated based on a kitten’s nutritional needs. It’s available in liquid and powder form. Powder has a longer shelf life. Some popular brands are PetAg, GNC, and 21st Century. Remember: Dairy milk is dangerous to kittens and must NOT be used. Only use kitten milk replacer.
  • Kitten nursing bottle
    Bottles come in different capacities. To prevent formula from going bad, make only as much as you need in one sitting. Tip: Poke one or more holes in the bottle’s nipple to ensure the formula flows through.
  • One 3-cc syringe for feeding (without needle)
    Syringes help kittens who are too ill to suck on a bottle, and when feeding a blend of formula and wet food.
  • Canned kitten food
    Canned kitten food can be mixed with formula to help wean kittens on to more solid food. Choose a kitten specific formula in your favorite brand.
  • Puppy pad
    Being a kitten can be messy! Puppy pads are disposable and help absorb messes. Some popular brands are Nature’s Miracle, Top Paw, Eco-Care, PetSafe, FourPaws Wee-Wee, and Grreat Choice®.
  • Foil pan litter box
    A small, shallow pan helps kittens access the litter.
  • Kitty litter
    For kittens, non-clumping litter is best. Some popular brands are Yesterday’s News, Swheat Scoop, Feline Pine, and Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh.

Kittens have different needs at different ages, so follow the chart below to see what kittens need in a kit.* Start with a cardboard carrier and get building!


*These quantities are based on the needs of one kitten for two weeks.
**You won’t need kitty litter until the kittens are 3 weeks olduntil then you will help the kitten go to the bathroom.
Note: You may use powder or liquid kitten milk replacer. The kitten milk replacer powder has a longer shelf life and can be made in the exact amount you need per sitting, which is useful for very young kittens.

All the Information You Need

One day you’ll be a kitten expert, but if you need a little extra help, Alley Cat Allies has you covered. Our website covers all the basics of kitten care: