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Kitten Care Webinars

Webinar| Kittens / "Leave Them Be"

Kitten_Webinar_SiteGraphic2Learn how to care for neonatal kittens (kittens zero to four weeks old). We’ve developed this webinar series to make sure anyone who cares for orphaned kittens is ready to provide the food, love, and care they need. The series of 60-minute online presentations includes sessions geared toward rescue organizations, fosters, shelter staff, veterinary staff, and others who want to help save kittens.

Our kitten webinar series is presented by National Kitten Coalition Co-Founders:

  • Rosemarie Crawford, a licensed veterinary technician who has worked in high-volume shelters and large veterinary practices and regularly fosters ill kittens
  • Susan Spaulding, who has fostered thousands of neonatal kittens and advises numerous shelters on neonatal kitten care.


  • Help! I found a kitten!
  • Advanced Feline Bottle Baby Care
  • Basic Kitten Medical Issues
  • Neonatal Kittens and the Veterinary Clinic

“Help! I found a kitten!”

This session is for anyone interested in learning how to care for neonatal kittens. It is a basic introduction to neonatal care. Attendees will learn how to recognize when immediate critical care is needed, the basics of feeding and housing neonatal kittens, and how to recognize early symptoms of illness.


Feeding Guidelines for Bottle Baby Kittens
Reasons Kittens May Not Nurse Well

 Advanced Feline Bottle Baby Care

Presenter: Susan Spaulding
This webinar builds on the previously aired “Help! I found a kitten.” This session will provide life-saving information that you can use immediately to save more kittens.  Topics include special considerations for bathing neonatal kittens and providing for their daily physical and psychological needs.  Recognizing and beginning pro-active treatment for upper respiratory infections as well as supportive therapies and nutritional supplements will also be presented.

Basic Kitten Medical Issues

Presenter: Rosemarie Crawford
This webinar provides an overview of many common medical issues that kittens and those who care for them are faced with.  From internal and external parasites to upper respiratory infections (URIs) and diarrhea, this presentation highlights important aspects and common treatments. Learn how to recognize early symptoms and minimize the severity or duration of illnesses.  Understand the supportive therapies and treatments available, what you can do on your own and when it’s time to see a veterinarian.  Tips on saving money while still providing excellent care for the kittens will be included throughout the presentation.


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Neonatal Kittens and the Veterinary Clinic

Presenter:  Rosemarie Crawford
This webinar is targeted toward the staff at veterinary clinics; however, it provides a wealth of information that shelter staff and rescuers could also use.  It will provide answers to some of the most common questions posed to staff members from their clients and the general public regarding what they should do when they’ve found or are fostering neonatal kittens.  Learn how to help assess a kitten’s condition over the phone and provide appropriate, helpful information.  Understand the special needs of neonatal kittens which must be accurately conveyed to clients over the phone or in the clinic.  Receive information on valuable resources that you can provide for your clients as well as being able to direct them to other helpful sources to help save kittens lives.


Determining Kitten Age
Kitten Feeding Chart Guidelines
Reasons Kittens May Not Nurse Well