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It’s difficult to imagine anyone capable of threatening or abusing an animal. Unfortunately, there are some people who take drastic and illegal measures—such as poisoning cats—in order to remove them from their community. If you’re aware of cats who are being threatened or poisoned, understand that you have the power to save their lives.

If you suspect a cat has been poisoned, seek veterinary help immediately. The sick cat might be hard to trap, so refer to our guide on how you can get her safely in the trap. If the cat has passed away, a necropsy (autopsy for animals) can help you determine the cause of death. Get in touch with our Feral Friends to find out about low-cost necropsy services in your area.

Intentionally killing a cat is illegal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia—and poisoning cats is illegal. You can find out more about the laws are in place to protect cats in your local government from our Cats & the Law Campaign. When a serious poison threat is made or a cat dies mysteriously, confront the situation head-on by posting a flyer that lists laws about animal cruelty, poisoning, and the potential sentence for these crimes. The flyer lets the neighborhood and potentially the poisoner know that the cats are being looked after, monitored, and that poisoning is a crime.

For less severe concerns, take a look at our guide on humane deterrents for some easy solutions.

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