Funding TNR

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Money doesn’t have to be a roadblock in the path to TNR. There are many ways that you can raise and save money to help cats:

  • Set up a savings plan. You know your budget better than anyone, so decide how much money you can afford to save each month for the cost of spay/neuter services. Talk to your veterinarian to estimate what the cost will be based on the number of cats you will be helping.
  • Local fundraising events. TNR benefits the whole community, and it should be a community-wide effort. In addition to volunteering to help with the trapping portion of TNR, community members can band together for fundraising events like bake sales, garage sales, and car washes.
  • Apply for grants. Both PetSmart Charities and Petco offer grant opportunities for TNR. Typically, the grants they offer are for a specific TNR effort, such as a cat colony that lives behind a grocery store or in a particular zip code.
  • Ask for help.  You have a network of friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors who might be willing to pitch in to fund your TNR efforts. Start with a simple email that explains your plan to spay and neuter the cats in your community, showing adorable photos of the cats whose lives they’ll be helping to improve. Break down your financial goal to fund all TNR costs, and ask them for a reasonable donation. Of course, anything they’re able to offer is great, but it’s best to provide a specific number that you feel will help you reach your goal.
  • Work with vets and spay and neuter clinics. Some veterinarians and clinics might be willing to provide you with lower costs for spay/neuter services because you are performing a service that helps the community. You can even try offering to volunteer for veterinarians and clinics in exchange for covering the cost of spay and neuter surgery. Also search through our Feral Friends Network, which is full of individuals and groups who provide guidance on TNR, as well as veterinarians who offer low-cost spay and neuter services.

For more fundraising ideas, take a look at our Getting Your Paws on More Money guide to strategize on how to put these tips to work.

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