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Getting Your Paws on More Money: Overcoming Fundraising Phobia

Fact Sheet| Animal Shelter, Feral Friends Network


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No matter how much we may wish it wasn’t so, money is essential to achieving our goals for the animals. You need to bring financial resources in on an ongoing basis.

As with so many things, a lot of the difficulty with fundraising lies in our perceptions and attitudes. Our beliefs can prevent us from seeing what needs to be done and can make getting the job done seem impossibly difficult. In other words, we can defeat ourselves.

There are two commonly held attitudes that can cripple your efforts. But if you can recognize them, you can break through these myths:

Myth #1: “If we just work hard and do the right thing, the money will come.”

Good intentions, warm and fuzzy feelings, and hard work alone will NOT make your organization a success. The truth of the matter is that your nonprofit organization will succeed or fail as a business. Although your organization has a charitable purpose, you’ll need to employ sound management principles and good business practices to achieve that purpose.

The growth of a successful organization doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by understanding what needs to be done and applying oneself to that task with the same fervor that we bring to caring for the animals.

Myth #2: “One day we’ll arrive and the struggle of fundraising will be behind us.”

Successful fundraising is not a point that you arrive at, it’s a process, an ongoing one. There is no magic answer, no secret key to eternal prosperity, no one-shot solution. But take heart! As soon as you accept fundraising for what it is and begin to plan for it, it gets easier! REALLY!

Your success will build on itself and you’ll reach an ever-increasing number of supporters with your message. And while you will never be done with fundraising, you may discover that successful fundraising is rewarding.

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