What to Do if Neighbors Complain

When neighbors complain about community cats, it is important to swiftly address their concerns in a manner that is calm, productive, and oriented toward a peaceful solution. Every solution, however, should involve allowing the cats to remain in their outdoor homes.

Conflicts with Property Management

If you care for community cats on property that is not owned by you for example: at an apartment complex, strip mall, or restaurant parking lot you may experience conflicts with the property management.

Negotiating Tips

Negotiating is what happens when you discuss opposing viewpoints and come to a mutually agreed upon resolution. When it comes to negotiating for community cats, the end result can save or endanger cats' lives. Negotiating can be tricky, but our negotiating tips will help.

How to Handle a Citation or Fine

Being threatened with or receiving a citation can be a very difficult and scary situation. Alley Cat Allies cannot provide legal advice, but we do have some resources that should help.

Connecting with Fellow Cat Advocates

Cat advocates unite! If you care about cats, you're in good company. Cat advocates live all over the world and defy stereotypes. When we come together to protect and improve the lives of all cats.

Organize your Community for Neighborhood TNR

Getting your community involved in a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) effort is a great pro-active step in protecting and improving the lives of cats. This article will tell you how to get started.

Financial Resources for Cats

Caring for cats is rewarding, but it can also be expensive. If you feel like costs keep adding up, there are a lot of approaches and resources to help you fund your efforts, so you can get back to what you do bestcaring for cats!

Getting Help

Be Prepared for Disasters

Targeted Trapping – Organize Your Efforts and Help More Cats