Blind Kitten Elizabeth is Happy, Healthy, and So Big

Elizabeth today

Alley Cat Allies was back on the ground with Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue in Oklahoma on Friday to check in with the kittens receiving lifesaving care through our grant!

Elizabeth in November 2023

You might remember Elizabeth, the blind kitten we introduced to you back in November. Here she is then and today, grown up and doing fantastic! We can’t wait to share more stories of kittens, including mother cats with newborns, your support is protecting right now.

Alley Cat Allies has been working to save vulnerable kittens in this Oklahoma community since the devastating tornadoes in April 2023. This January alone, we’ve been providing care for multiple kittens in need in the area, including the little family in the next story!

Mother Cat and Kittens Thrive in Alley Cat Allies Care

Mother cat Aurora

Remember the new mother cat and her one-day-old kittens who were rescued from a kill shelter? We’ve been covering the costs of their care and, two weeks later, all are doing well!

We asked our supporters to suggest name ideas, and though it was hard to choose, we went with a winter theme to honor their January birthday. We’d like you to meet mother cat Aurora and her kittens Boots, Cocoa, Beanie, Mittens, Flurry, and Snowflake!

A Heartwarming Update on Tiny Tiger Tygie


Every day, your support helps us save cats and kittens like Tygie from Tennessee.

If you’ve been following Alley Cat Allies, you may remember when we first answered an urgent call to help Tygie access care for an ulcer in her eye, among other medical issues. We covered the costs of her treatment, and she’s grown into an active, bold, and strong young cat. She’s even become fast friends with her adoptive family’s dog.

We hope you enjoy this update from Tygie’s adopter as much as we did!

More of Miso’s Kittens Find Forever Homes

Great news: Miso’s kittens, Noodle and adopted kitten Minestrone, have been adopted!

Enjoy photos from their first day to their first picture with their new families. Our supporters like you provided for their care every step of the way.

Minestrone as a neonatal kitten

Minestrone with her adopters

Noodle as a neonatal kitten

Noodle with his new family

Now only two of Miso’s kittens are waiting to be adopted (and we don’t think it will take long). Take a look back at these kittens’ journey from birth through adoption.

Only One Eye Doesn’t Slow Jet Down

Thanks to critical veterinary care covered by Alley Cat Allies (and our supporters like you!) kitten Jet is living large in his new home and is adapting wonderfully to life with one eye.

He looks better (and bigger!) in every update we receive! We want you to know that Jet is thriving because of you and your compassion, generosity, and dedication to saving cats’ lives.

With your help, we’re protecting cats and kittens like Jet every day—and providing communities the resources and knowledge to sustain lifesaving programs for indoor AND community cats.