Alley Cat Allies Provides Legal Counsel to Community Cat Caregiver

Cat in Grass

Knowing your local laws affecting cats—and your rights as cat advocates—is critical. Recently, a Baltimore, Maryland, community cat caregiver contacted Alley Cat Allies’ Cat Help Desk and told us a Code Enforcement Officer ordered her to stop feeding community cats and issued her a citation for a $1000 fine.

Upon learning this, we immediately stepped in to assure and assist her. We even provided her with legal counsel. The reality quickly became clear: Though the caregiver was told that her feeding community cats violated a Baltimore ordinance, the opposite was true. Her activities were lawful.

Ultimately, the City of Baltimore chose to drop the case. Situations like these are all too common and are why Alley Cat Allies encourages everybody who works with cats to investigate their local laws. Please don’t be afraid to seek legal counsel to protect yourself and the cats you care for!

Learn your local cat laws.

Our Guide to Getting Legal Help.

Our Cat Help Desk Saved Kitten Jet

Meet Jet!

When Alley Cat Allies received a call to our Cat Help Desk about a kitten with a severely injured eye, we immediately jumped into action. Jett needed emergency veterinary care, and we ensured he could receive it.

Jet’s eye couldn’t be saved, but we know from experience that cats adapt very well to life with one eye–and he’s in great spirits as he starts the healing process! In fact, Jet kept his playful kitten energy all the way through his ordeal.

Thank you to our supporters for making it possible to save Jet, and cats and kittens like him, every single day! We’ll keep you updated on Jet’s journey.

After a Long Recovery, Poppy Was Adopted!

Poppy has come so far from the sick kitten rescued in the aftermath of devastating Oklahoma tornadoes in April; it’s almost hard to believe!

Alley Cat Allies’ disaster relief grant to Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue helped save Poppy and provide critical veterinary care and surgery over the past months.

Now Poppy is heading home with a new forever family at long last. Lily, Poppy’s sister, is next!

Saving Miso’s Kittens

Alley Cat Allies’ latest veterinary grant in Oklahoma is providing critical veterinary care for kittens in need–including new mom Miso and her kittens Bisque, Butternut, Chowder, Noodle, and Bouillon!

Miso just recently gave birth, and we’ll make sure this little family receives expert care in the weeks ahead as they grow together.

Your support is the reason we can save cats and kittens in Oklahoma, across the country, and around the world!