Your Alley Cat Allies update on the cats’ and kittens’ lives we’ve most recently saved. All of our critical work is only possible through the compassion and generosity of our donors and supporters like you. Every gift has an impact:

Bring Them Home for the Holidays

It’s that time of year when love and light abound. What better time to bring home a new family member—or two?



Meet Lucy and Sirius: An inseparable 2-year-old duo looking for their forever home for the holidays! Both are shy at first (though Lucy is the bolder of the two), but once they come out of their shells, they’re those snuggly kind of cats. Lucy enjoys curling up on a warm lap, while Sirius is all about the hugs!

Learn how to adopt them both on our Petfinder or visit

After Surviving a Tornado, Thor Thrives in a Loving Home

Remember Thor, the brave cat who survived the tornado that tore through Little Rock, Arkansas, earlier this year? After specialized surgery for a severely broken lower jaw and months of care, covered by Alley Cat Allies’ disaster response, Thor made an amazing recovery. More than that–he’s healthy, happy, and thriving!

Thor before his lower jaw surgery.

Thor’s new family absolutely adores him and we couldn’t be happier to see how far he’s come. We also couldn’t wait to share Thor’s latest update photos with you—especially those of you who have followed his story since April!

Congratulations to Cashew

Something that always makes us smile: checking in on our adopted cats!

Mr. Wilson, now named Cashew, was in our care for quite a while as we worked to bring him out of his shell (pun intended!). But it was well worth it to meet the amazing, unique cat he revealed himself to be–and he’s only blossomed more in his adoptive home.

“From day one, he’s been part of our family,” say Cashew’s adopters. “He’s cuddly, he’s sweet, he’s a little bit spicy, and he’s a little bit nutty–hence his name! He means a lot to us, and we love him so much. I feel like we’re perfect for him and he’s perfect for us.”

We’re so happy for you, Cashew (and glad to hear you haven’t lost your fascination with crinkly paper)! And always, thank you to our supporters who help us protect cats and kittens like him every day.

TNR Takes Root in Korea and Japan

A community cat at a shrine in Kyoto.

For many years, dedicated cat advocates in Korea and Japan have been carrying out Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to help community cats from the city to the countryside. TNR continues to grow, and we’re proud to say many of those advocates utilize our resources to save cats’ and kittens’ lives!

A member of our team had a chance to meet some of those caring for community cats in Seoul and Kyoto—and the cats themselves, of course!

(P.S. Eartipping or ear-notching for TNR in Korea and Japan often occurs on either the left or right ear. Alley Cat Allies’ best practice is to always eartip the left ear!)

How Old Is That Kitten?


Little Minestrone is discovering toys…a camera is a toy, right?

A challenge you can share with friends and family: How old is Minestrone in this video? If you’re not sure, our How Old Is That Kitten? Guide is here to help. A kitten’s age determines the kind of care he or she needs, which is especially important in those vulnerable early weeks of their lives.

If you’ve been following Alley Cat Allies on social media or keeping up with our latest news updates, you know the story: Minestrone was adopted by mom cat Miso, who already had five kittens of her own: Butternut, Bisque, Bouillon, Noodle, and Chowder. They’re being cared for through an Alley Cat Allies grant!