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Celebrating the Memory of Boardwalk Cat Scooter

Today, we are taking time to remember Scooter, one of our beloved Boardwalk Cats.

Since 2000, Alley Cat Allies’ Boardwalk Cats Project® has protected the community cats who call the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey home. It’s a city-supported Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, and cats like Scooter are provided with care every single day.

Known for his sweet nature and his beautiful white face markings, Scooter didn’t hesitate to show affection to his feline family. He could always be counted on for unlimited “headbutts” (AKA bunting) and to be a warm, purring nap buddy.

Scooter passed away peacefully two years ago, well into his teen years and loved every step of the way.

Thank you to all of our supporters who’ve helped us protect Scooter, all of the Boardwalk Cats, and cats across the nation and around the world. And here’s to you, Scooter—you are loved and missed.

Protecting Miso’s Kittens From Day One to Adoption

From one day old to 12 weeks old, your support has cared for Butternut, Bisque, Bouillon, Noodle, Chowder and Minestrone every step of the way!

If you’ve been following their progress, we know you’ll love these “graduation” pics. We let you know in a previous post that their mother, Miso, was adopted.

We’re also thrilled to say that Chowder and Bouillon are the first of Miso’s kittens to find their forever homes!

An Update on Jacob, Rescued from West Virginia Shelter

Jacob, we’re so happy you’re thriving in your forever home!

After Alley Cat Allies’ investigation into a West Virginia shelter in 2021 revealed that animals were not provided with critical veterinary treatment, we rescued cats like Jacob and ensured they received the care they needed. Then, when they were ready, we found them loving adoptive homes.

Jacob’s family adopted him almost two years ago and just gave us an update: He’s a “very, very happy kitty now!”

A Check-in with Journey


We love getting Journey (Juni to her adoptive family) updates! After caring for her every step of the way from a tiny, sickly kitten to a healthy, happy young cat, it warms our hearts to see her thriving.