New Mother Cat Miso Adopts a Kitten into Her Family

Look at that little face! And we have a heartwarming story to go with these adorable photos.

In late October, Alley Cat Allies’ latest veterinary grant to Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue in Oklahoma started providing care for new mother cat Miso and her kittens Bisque, Butternut, Chowder, Noodle, and Bouillon. But even with a full house of five kittens, it turns out Miso had room for one more!

When a tiny tortie kitten was found without her mother (remember, if neonatal kittens outdoors are with their mother, Leave Them Be), she was placed in Miso’s care. It was hoped that Miso wouldn’t mind, since the new kitten is the same age as her litter. Miso did even better: she took the kitten in as one of her own right away!

Minestrone when she was first found.

Alley Cat Allies asked our supporters to name the kitten to match her family and, after some adorable deliberation, we decided to call her Minestrone! She is fitting in perfectly with her adoptive mom and siblings, and they continue to receive foster care and treatment thanks to our supporters like you. As of today, the kittens are a little over 3 weeks old and will still need mom’s care for weeks to come. Learn more about the milestones of 3-week-old kittens and the care they need to thrive.

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