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Watch Alley Cat Allies’ Community Relations: How to Talk About Feral Cats Video
This powerful tool teaches you how to collaborate and cooperate with even the most difficult neighbors and provides strategies for being proactive and alleviating community concerns.

Read Alley Cat Allies’ Community Relations Case Study
This study will walk you through every step of the community relations process, from how to talk to people about feral cats and Trap-Neuter-Return to when and how to initiate a campaign and negotiate the best outcome for the cats (and people). It explains what is involved in mediating on behalf of cats and caregivers while you also work in cooperation with the community’s residents and decision makers.

Listen to Alley Cat Allies' Community Relations Podcast
Alley Cat Allies interviews the former Director of Operations of The Cat Welfare Society in Singapore, Dawn Kua. Topics discussed include mediation, easy and effective deterrents and how to preempt situations from escalating.

Community Relations Resource Center

Community relations—making yourself available, taking the initiative to communicate, providing first-hand knowledge and expertise on cat behavior, and following through on your promises—can save cats’ lives.

You may need to communicate with your neighbors in a friendly and educational way; you may need to work with them to find resolution to issues or concerns; or you may be facing threats to the cats in your colony requiring more aggressive response or even campaigning. Whatever the goals of your interactions, these tools can help you bring about widespread change in your community, and ensure that it continues to be a safe and happy home for both the cats and the neighbors.

Educate Your Neighbors 

Information and resources for how to talk to your neighbors about feral cats, Trap-Neuter-Return, and what you do on behalf of cats.
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Preventative Measures and Easy Fixes 

Guides and tricks to preemptively avoid any potential conflicts or easily allay neighbor concerns.
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Troubleshoot with Community Members

Tools and examples for resolving issues and bringing about a peaceful outcome for both the people and cats.
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Campaign on Behalf of Cats 

Tips on organizing to effect change at the community level.
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Connect with Others 

Resources to help you connect with others who have lived through the challenges of representing their local cats.
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