What to Do if Your Local Animal Shelter Kills Community Cats

Nationwide more than 70 percent of cats taken into shelters are killed there, and for community cats that number is virtually 100 percent. Being killed in a shelter is the number one documented cause of death for cats in this country.

If your local animal shelter kills community cats, there are things you can do. Shelters respond to the needs of their community, so when local people like you demand change they must listen.

Our resources will help you change your local shelter and save cats’ lives:

Transforming Shelters to Save More Cats: Activist Toolkit

This toolkit walks you through the steps of approaching your local animal shelter and demanding change.

Obtaining Animal Shelter Records: A Guide for Advocates

Knowing the number of cats killed and the number of cats with positive outcomes will help you better advocate for change. This guide shows you how to get these records from your local shelter.

Resources for shelter professionals

We have resources for shelter professionals to help them implement changes to save more cats’ lives. You can share these resources with them.

Educate your community

The more voices demanding change, the more likely it will happen! That’s why educating your community about the shelter system, community cats, and the benefits of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is important.

Advocacy Toolkit

Our toolkit for advocating for cats will arm you with the basics in citizen lobbying and prepare you to advocate for humane law and policies for cats.

A big part of our work is transforming the shelter system to save more cats. We promote lifesaving programs like TNR, Shelter-Neuter-Return (SNR) and Return to Field (RTF)among others.

You can learn more about the shelter system and what we do at alleycat.org/Shelters.

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