October 2016 Community Cat Sterilization Program in American Samoa

We know that National Feral Cat Day is celebrated globally and nationally. In fact, in honor of this year’s National Feral Cat Day, Alley Cat Allies’ partners at Animal Balance hosted “Trapped in Paradise” in collaboration with Alofa Mo Meaola and the American Samoa Government Department of Agriculture from October 12-17. This event included a massive Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospital (MASH) and the first ever targeted cat clinic of its kind in American Samoaa U.S. territory in the South Pacific.

While in American Samoa, Animal Balance also worked with the National Park Service to demonstrate how to implement effective high volume, targeted community cat sterilization programs and trained local partners in the art of trapping. The goal is to make trap and neuter a sustainable program in American Samoa.

“People here in American Samoa are very compassionate towards animals, which is always so nice to see, coming from the outside,” said Meredith Hippert, director of field operations with Animal Balance. “To really have a community sort of rally and support animal welfare and their animal community here is just so wonderful.”

Follow along Animal Balance’s trip to American Samoa:


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