The big day is coming! Here are a few facts to help you become a National Feral Cat Day® expert.

  1. It’s on October 16 every year.
    Tuxedo Cat in fall leaves
    Because, let’s face it, cats rule October. (And that’s when we were incorporated.)
  2. Every year there’s a new theme, and new gear!
    Animated GIF of National Feral Cat Day designs over the years
    You can pick up this year’s gear in our National Feral Cat Day® shop.
  3. Alley Cat Allies started National Feral Cat Day® in 2001
    Old photo of a tuxedo cat in the original alley in Adam's Morgan
    That was the 10th anniversary of when Alley Cat Allies was founded, and this is one of the cats to thank for it! Becky Robinson spotted a cat in an alley in Washington, DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood… and the rest is history.
  4. Even though it’s National FERAL Cat Day, it’s really about ALL cats
    Fluffy orange and white foster kittens
    Raising awareness for issues that impact community cats, like life-saving policies for cats in shelters, helps all cats.
  5. Even though it’s NATIONAL Feral Cat Day, you can take part where ever you are in the world!
    Greek tabby cat in front of inscribed stone
    Because loving cats knows no boundaries.
  6. It’s mainstream!
    Alley Cat Allies staff holding National Feral Cat Day signs at the Today Show crowd in NYC
    We’ve gotten shout outs on NBC, CBS, and Conan. It was even an answer on Jeopardy! (“I’ll take “greatest cat celebrations for all time” for 800, Alex.”)
  7. Over a thousand events have been held in honor of National Feral Cat Day®
    Animated GIF of past National Feral Cat Day events
    From bakes sales, to spay/neuter clinics, and beyond! The only limit to the kind of event you can hold for National Feral Cat Day® is your imagination.
  8. All kinds of different people celebrate…
    Mom, Dad and son working together to build an outdoor cat shelter
    Little kids, big kids, men, womenthe only requirement for participating in National Feral Cat Day® is believing all cats deserve protection.
  9. …including some familiar faces!
    Jackson Galaxy wearing Alley Cat Allies' I HEART Feral Cats t-shirt
    Thanks to our celebrity allies like Jackson Galaxy, who help share the message to protect cats.
  10. SO MANY cats get helped.
    Four fluffy kittens of different colors being held up close
    Every National Feral Cat Day® celebration helps educate and raise awareness, which helps all cats!

Join the celebration! Register your event for National Feral Cat Day today.