You love cats. You love your own cat, your neighbor’s cat, and community cats. You might even think it’s not possible for you to #LoveCatsMore. But when it comes to saving cats’ lives, there are ways everyone can #LoveCatsMore.

Millions of cats and kittens are needlessly killed in communities and shelters every year because of harmful policies made by people who don’t understand cats. Some municipalities catch and kill community cats, or unsocialized cats who live outdoors. But the outdoors is their home. They live and thrive there. Show you #LoveCatsMore and take action to protect all cats.

Six Ways You Can #LoveCatsMore

  1. Spay and Neuter: Get cats spayed or neutered as soon as possible. Kittens can receive the surgery when they weigh 2 pounds, at about 2 months old. Spay and neuter ensures cats no longer experience the stresses of mating, pregnancy, and giving birth.
  2. Microchip: Microchipping and scanning help cats who become lost or impounded return to their homes and reunite with their families, whether they live indoors or are part of an outdoor community cat colony.
  3. Foster and Adopt: If you can bring a cat home to foster or adopt, you’ll be saving a life! If that’s not possible, consider volunteering. Kitten nurseries and cat rescue organizations need volunteers for a variety of tasks, from caregiving to organizing events.
  4. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR): TNR is the only humane and effective approach to address community cat populations. Through TNR, we can save cats from lethal community and shelter policies.
  5. Educate: Help others understand the benefits of TNR, adopting cats, the importance of spaying and neutering, and more.
  6. Advocate: Protect cats in your community by advocating for humane laws and policies that can help save the lives of countless cats.

Show you #LoveCatsMore