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The first comprehensive look at Trap-Neuter-Return policies across the United States, this report is proof that policies and ordinances are catching up with the core values of the United States. Local governments are moving toward TNR because it is the effective, humane approach to feral cats.

“Local governments are moving toward TNR because it works,” said Becky Robinson, president and co-founder of Alley Cat Allies, which spearheaded the TNR movement in the United States more than two decades ago. “For nearly 100 years the default system has been to catch and kill outdoor cats—an approach that is not only cruel but also highly ineffective, because when one set of cats is removed from a colony others move in. TNR is the only humane and effective method proven to stabilize and reduce cat populations.”

Trap-Neuter-Return Ordinances Across the United States: 2003 to 2013

FutureOfAnimalControl_2_SMIn 2003, 23 municipalities had ordinances supporting Trap-Neuter-Return. Just ten years later, in 2013, support has increased ten-fold: 245 communities now have TNR ordinances, and that number increases monthly. Hundreds of communities support TNR because it works: it’s the effective and humane approach for cats. Read the press release.