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The Power of a Microchip: Reuniting Cats and their Families

Case Studies| Animal Shelter, Boardwalk Cats Project, Plan to Scan, Veterinarian Awareness

There are few feelings greater than coming home, and every lost or displaced cat deserves that chance. That is why Alley Cat Allies advocates tirelessly for every cat to be microchipped and for immediate microchip scanning protocols in animal shelters and veterinary clinics worldwide.

Whether reunion comes after days, months, years, or even a decade, it means everything for cats and their families. And it is undeniable proof of the importance of immediate microchip scanning in every shelter, rescue, and veterinary practice.

From the unexpected to the downright miraculous, here are some of the most inspiring tales of homecoming made possible by a scan of a microchip. And this is just scratching the surface of the success stories!

Learn more about how microchipping and scanning for microchips save lives.