Alley Cat Allies’ in-depth investigation into animal cruelty in Berkeley County Animal Control (BCAC) in West Virginia revealed that BCAC routinely, intentionally, knowingly, and/or recklessly withheld critical veterinary treatment from animals in its sheltera violation of West Virginia law.


Jacob was one of the man cats Alley Cat Allies rescued from the Berkeley County Animal Control shelter. He has since been adopted by a family who will care for him as he deserves.

We have been pursuing extraordinary judicial remedies, including filing a writ of mandamus asking a West Virginia court to compel Berkeley County Council and BCAC to comply with state law.

The county profoundly failed cats like Newt, who suffered for days at BCAC without necessary medical treatment for trauma that rendered him unable to eat or drink. Alley Cat Allies rushed Newt to emergency veterinary care. Despite extensive medical intervention, veterinarians determined that Newt’s condition had too severely deteriorated while in the shelter, and euthanasia was required to end his suffering. Many more cats and dogs have been denied necessary veterinary care within the shelter’s walls.


Kimberley suffered at the Berkeley County Animal Control shelter with a bulging and enlarged eye with an open wound underneath for 8 days without medical treatment. Today, she lives in a loving foster home where her ongoing medical needs are met.

“We continue to pursue justice for animals harmed by patterns of cruelty entrenched in BCAC,” says Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies.

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