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Alley Cat Action, Volume 31, Issue 4, Summer 2021

| Alley Cat Allies


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Animal Cruelty has Many Forms. We Confront Them All.

President’s Message

For 31 years, Alley Cat Allies has fought to defend cats by confronting cruelty in all its forms. We advocate to stop the abusive practices in our shelters, our parks, and other agencies that have killed generations of cats. We have been successful in reversing hundreds of deadly local ordinances and several state laws, and replacing them with modern, humane methods that now protect cats.

In three decades, we have created and lead a movement. Our work in the trenches and in the halls of government are part of our vision to create a society that reflects our values of compassion and coexistence with animals. The nonlethal approaches we promote have been scientifically proven time and time again.

The threats to cats are real and must be challenged. Our campaigns range from individual cases like the inspiring story of Louie, to cases of institutionalized killing, which is why we are fighting for cats in California’s East Bay Parks.

Your unwavering support enables us to work tirelessly to stop cruelty. This is why I ask for your continued support and your help to recruit others to join us and become the voice for cats. Together, we are making a more humane world that is better for cats.

For the cats,

Becky Robinson
President and Founder

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