Microchips save lives–but, only if someone scans for them. This year, Texas turned that truth into lawand Alley Cat Allies is proud to have helped make it happen.

Starting September 1, 2021, Texas shelters and rescues will be required to scan an animal in their custody for a microchip “as soon as practicable.” We can’t overstate how critical this is to swift and successful reunions, and how many lives it could save.

You will find Alley Cat Allies behind many microchipping milestones. In fact, our advocacy for this vital technology goes back decades. We were one of the first organizations to recognize the lifesaving potential of microchips for both indoor and community cats.

Our Microchips Save Lives campaign spreads the word around the world: Every cat should be microchipped, with information registered and up to date.

Our Plan to Scan® campaign educates veterinary professionals, animal shelters, and animal control officers to scan for a microchip the moment a cat enters their care. That same protocol is now law in Texas!

Thank you to all who supported this important legislation. It will serve as a model, and we are just getting started!

“I so appreciate Alley Cat Allies being the number one supporter on this bill. Your campaign for scanning for microchips is phenomenal! The Dallas convention (Every Kitty Every Cityâ„¢ TEXAS) was the best material I’ve ever seen on microchip support.”

Cathy Gleason

Cat being scanned for a microchip

Scanning a cat for a microchip is critical to making reunions possible.