The members of Alley Cat Allies’ Forget-Me-Not Legacy Society are incredible, compassionate people who leave a legacy of love for cats by naming Alley Cat Allies as a beneficiary in their will. Many of these dedicated cat allies were first inspired by a single cat, who opened their eyes to the needs of cats and kittens in their community and around the world.

For Lee Gibson, who has donated to Alley Cat Allies for nearly two decades, the catalyst was a stray cat named Kitkat. “He picked me,” Lee says of Kitkat, who followed him home 22 years ago.

“Kitkat and I had 13 great years together,” Lee says. “He’s how I became interested in cats.”


Max, Lee’s newly adopted cat who inspires him to continue to donate to Alley Cat Allies and help save the lives of cats and kittens. “Max may just be the best cat ever,” Lee says.

Interest became investment became action for Lee, who helped care for campus community cats at the Dallas, Texas, university where he teaches writing. With all the cats who have touched his heart, naming Alley Cat Allies in his will felt only natural.

“It instantly seemed like something I’d want to do,” Lee explains. “I see cats all the time, in alleys, at the school, walking down the street. I felt like they should have as much help as they can get, and I wanted to do my part.”

Learn how you can invest in a brighter future for cats with a planned gift at (CFC#10964) (EIN #52-1742079) or for more information, all 866-309-6207.