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Alley Cat Action, Volume 32, Issue 1, Fall 2021

| Alley Cat Allies


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Making Critical Change for Cats in Wake of Hurricane Ida

President’s Message

Our work to defend cats this summer has taken us from the courtroom to the front lines after a hurricane.

Within a few short days of Hurricane Ida devastating the Gulf Coast, I flew to both Mississippi and Louisiana with much needed deliveries of emergency relief supplies for animals, along with frontline lifesaving expertise for local responders.

Both supplies and my expertiseborn across decades of disaster relief experienceare in near constant demand these days as the frequency of natural disasters skyrockets.

Thanks to incredible donors and supporters like you, Alley Cat Allies was able to save the lives of hundreds of cats living along the Gulf Coast this past month. The difference this made to the cats and the grassroots organizations helping them cannot be overstated.

As a backdrop to all this, there is a bigger issue that we as a people can’t afford to ignore.

Looming over our future is the unsettling fact that disasters, like Ida and the California wildfires that razed millions of acres this year, will continue to occur not only in greater numbers but on a large scale. An increasing number of cats and other animals will need our help, and that begins with a strong focus on preparation.

Now more than ever, Alley Cat Allies’ work to defend cats and kittens is critical. In this newsletter, you’ll learn how we save lives during disasters, about our campaign to defend cats in the East Bay area of California, including filing a groundbreaking lawsuit, and more ways we are transforming communities to protect cats with your support.

We also have breaking news to share: we’ve been undercover in West Virginia to expose animal cruelty. See the insert in this newsletter to learn more.

Alley Cat Allies is the cats’ champion and protector. We do not compromise or hold back when cats are in danger. We will never be silent, complacent, or slow to act when the lives of cats are at stake. I am endlessly grateful that you are with us as we change the world.

For the cats,

Becky Robinson Becky Robinson
Becky Robinson
President and Founder, Alley Cat Allies
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