Alley Cat Allies recently responded to two crisis situations to rescue more than 58 cats, kittens, and dogs. Though we have found adoptive homes for many of these animals, more beautiful cats (and dogs!) are still waiting for new families of their own!

Our adoptable animals are available to people living in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., or New Jersey areas. We’d like to tell you a little about them:

Shere Khan


Shere Khan may cut a striking figure with his regal stripes, lean form, and golden eyes, but this six-year-old is laid back and sweet as can be. He gets along with cats, kittens, and dogs alike and loves to be petted and hold conversations with people. But the real key to Shere Khan’s heart? Catnip!



Two-year-old Mittens adores people and is a total lap cat. She’d like to be the only feline in your life and would prefer a home without dogs. Talkative and bold, Mittens loves to chat, will follow you around, and enjoys perching atop tables.



Aurora is just as beautiful inside as out! Sweet and social, she loves to play with other kittens and cats and bat a toy or two around. Aurora has plenty of love to give to her human companions too, and starts purring right away upon being picked up.



Could anyone resist this face? Quiet, gentle Tilly is looking for a calm home where he can overcome his anxiety over loud noises. If you have another cat or kitten, even better! Tilly loves playing with other cats, and a feline friend could be a big confidence booster. He also enjoys spending quality time with people and purrs whenever he’s petted.

Adopt Tilly and you’ll also receive his poofy cat bed, his favorite thing ever.

James Bond


He may be named after a super spy, but James Bond immediately grabs attention with his unique twisted ears and extra toes on each front foot! Though James Bond is very friendly to people, he’d prefer to be the only cat in his householdbut he doesn’t mind dogs. Among James’ favorite pastimes are playing with catnip toys and lounging around on the floor.



If you’re looking for a calm companion who will lounge around with you, Jacob is the perfect new best friend! About 4 years old, Jacob prefers a good nap to a rowdy play session and doesn’t appreciate the company of other cats. We think he’d enjoy a quiet, adult household where he can chill out wherever and whenever he likes.



At 9 years old, dilute calico Bella is cool, calm, and more than ready for a home to call her own. She doesn’t mind other cats or kittens and would be content with a quiet dog companion, too. Toward people, Bella is affectionate as can be! She loves being petted and doesn’t mind being picked up and held.

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