A community cat in Maui on the way to a meal provided by Alley Cat Allies.

When historic wildfires swept through Maui, Hawaii, in August, Alley Cat Allies was on the ground immediately to provide critical emergency support for cats. Amazing survivors that they are, cats and kittens continued to emerge from the scorched earth and ash for weeks—but many needed urgent and ongoing aid.

In the tumultuous time following the fires, Alley Cat Allies brought food to cats outdoors in the devastated Lahaina area, as well as medications, vaccinations, kitten milk replacer, and other needed supplies for affected indoor and community cats. We flew a veterinary team to Maui to examine and treat multiple cats rescued from the fire zone and covered the costs of procedures from flea treatment to emergency dental care.

With our supporters by our side, Alley Cat Allies can continue our 33-year legacy of swift response for cats even through the most catastrophic emergencies. The Maui fires were not the first or last major disaster of 2023. Because of you, we always stand ready to save cats’ lives.

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Received emergency dental surgery covered by Alley Cat Allies.