Since Alley Cat Allies’ Boardwalk Cats Project® began protecting the cats living outdoors along the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey in 2000, the community has truly come together in compassion for their feline neighbors.Linda Richardson and her husband, Steven Korman, are among the dedicated people closely bonded with the Boardwalk Cats. Even more inspiring, they are major donors to Alley Cat Allies who are committed to ensuring the Boardwalk Cats—and all cats—can live happy, full lives.

Linda and Steven feeding Boardwalk Cat Sweet Boy.

“Alley Cat Allies is an extraordinary organization dedicated to its mission to make these cats’ lives safer and better,” says Linda, who is a lifelong advocate for cats and all animals. “[The Boardwalk Cats] are truly living their best life outdoors.”

And Linda would know—Boardwalk Cat Baby visits her all the time!

“She comes to me every day and does a little dance for her breakfast and dinner. I’m not able to pet her, but she comes right up to me,” Linda explains.

Steven, meanwhile, has a daily appointment with Boardwalk Cats Snickers, Elizabeth, and Sweet Boy and is their advocate and protector.

Alley Cat Allies is proud to have united the Atlantic City community around the Boardwalk Cats, and we are honored to have donors like Linda and Steven who make our work to build a better world for cats possible every day.

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