Meet the Boardwalk Cats

The famous cats who live along the Atlantic City Boardwalk are enjoying healthy lives and aging gracefully, thanks to Alley Cat Allies staff and dedicated volunteer caregivers.

The Boardwalk Cats are community—also known as feral—cats. That means they are not socialized to people and thrive in colonies in their outdoor homes. Some of the cats have formed bonds with the caregivers who feed them, and are accustomed to their presence. But even when community cats trust a caregiver, they generally don’t trust people and will run from strangers. Sometimes cats allow caregivers they trust to touch them, but not always.

If you come across one of the Boardwalk Cats while visiting Atlantic City, admire them from a distance but do not approach them!

These are just some of the beloved felines who have made the boardwalk their home.


This 19-year-old girl is still going strong. Far from a fragile old lady, she’s very healthy and happily living in with her colony of eight other cats, including Inky.


Fondly referred to as the “lap cat,” Jeanie was one of the friendliest cats on the boardwalk. Sadly, Jeanie passed away in March of 2017—but only after living a long and happy life. Jeanie lives on in the hearts and minds of the many people she touched. Our staff and volunteers have had locals approach them to express how much they miss her.


Ripley has become a true member of the boardwalk community! This handsome tuxedo cat usually hangs out in a boardwalk store called Fashion Island, where store owner Sam and his wife call him BooBoo. He gets fed in the store and even has his own bed behind the counter. Sam and his wife provide a special heater for Ripley in the winter, and a fan in the summer. Talk about spoiled!Otis


This cool cat retired from Boardwalk life in June 2017. He now lives with volunteer, Peggy Spencer. Otis has his own pad—an enclosed space on the porch—and has adjusted well to life with Peggy. He greets her with a warm “meow” when she comes home from work and volunteering at the Boardwalk.