Alley Cat Allies is fighting on behalf of the cats who were shot and killed in late-night hunts by the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) in Oakland, California. We have launched a new campaign to bring you the facts as we work to make real, lasting change in the wake of this tragedy.

What happened in Oakland was no isolated incident. Cats and kittens face similar systematic cruelty in far too many communities, here in the United States and around the world.

In 2021, Alley Cat Allies is prioritizing justice for cats: the cats who were killed in Oakland, and all cats slaughtered in a pointless attempt to “protect” endangered species. Our aim is a complete rooting out of the entrenched thinking and outdated policies that underpin systemic cat killing programs.

We need your voice to get there.

In Memoria: The Cat Victims of Horrific Shootings

In the fall of 2020, much-loved community cats in Oakland disappeared from their home near a large Oakland office complex. As of today, at least 17 of these cats remain missing.

It seems entirely possible that all were shot and killed by the EBRPD in a disturbing and outrageous abuse of the public’s trust and funding. The EBRPD has been very tight-lipped and evasive about the details of their actions.

Willow, Whisper, Trixi, Button, and many moreeach of these community cats was an innocent victim. Their lives had value and they deserved to continue thriving happily in their outdoor homes. Instead, they were cruelly and needlessly killed.

Please join us in remembering them and mourning their loss.

You Can Help End the Killing

Each cat killed by the EBRPD was unique and special. We hope reading about them inspires you to stand up with us and fight for laws and policies that outlaw shooting and any other killing of cats.

Shooting cats is cruel. There is no justification and no excuse. It needs to stop.

We need your help to take the message even further to save more lives. We have new gear available in our shop to speak out against the shooting of cats in Oakland, and everywhere.


Then join us and Share the Truth about cats’ relationship with wildlife with your friends, family, and anyone and everyone you can. Cats have been wrongly portrayed as a major threat to wildlife, public health, and more. This misinformation costs millions of cats their lives every year. We can put an end to it by uniting and speaking out.

Soon, we’ll provide you even more ways to stand up for compassionate conservation in every community. Please stay tuned and stay with us.

Please keep watching our website at, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and emails for more ways you can take action. Together, we can protect cats, birds, and all animals and bring an end to the killing.