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East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) Cat Shooting

In Memoria – Victims of the Shootings

In Memoria – Victims of the Shootings

The 17 cats in this photo gallery have not been seen since East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) staff opened fire on them in October and November 2020.

They are all presumed dead.

An EBRPD spreadsheet obtained via public records request shows they shot and killed 13 cats in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Regional Shoreline park. The actual number of cats killed remains unknown.

Each of these wonderful community cats was happily living in their outdoor home – a large office complex, buffered by car dealerships in an industrial strip not far from the Oakland Airport. The large majority were sterilized, vaccinated against rabies and feline viruses, microchipped, and registered in a national database. They were well cared for and loved.

And then, unthinkably, they were hunted night after night by a group of armed killers.

One can only imagine the terror, pain and suffering they experienced. This slaughter was an act of unvarnished animal cruelty.

One of their bereaved caregivers goes out daily looking for survivors, hoping to find any who have managed to escape the grim fate of their fellow colony members. With each passing day, the possibility of that becomes dimmer, and yet we share in the hope.

The EBRPD will not admit to what they did with the bodies of the cats they killed. None have been returned to the caregivers for burial despite having had microchips which would make it very easy to have done so.

Please take a moment to get to know the innocent victims of the shooting. Together let us mourn this horrific, senseless loss of life, and let us pledge to work tirelessly until laws and policies are enacted that outlaw this cruelty.

Gallery of East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) Cats